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Halloween Skull Facepaint

Skull / Undead Facepaint by Amy Letts

I’m pretty crazy about facepaint, I wish I had more time/excuses to do it. I had these pictures hanging around from a while ago and I figured they’re scary, it’s Halloween, why not post ’em?

This is a facepaint of a skull, although probably not anatomically correct. I was going more for ‘that’s just freaking scary’ because I’ve seen lots of face-painted skulls and never found then particularly frightening and frequently, well… FUNNY. This is a complete undead monstrosity!

The model is me; I did it using a mirror. The main base color is brown because it make it look like a really old skull and also allows for more interesting shading. I also added a few fine cracks to make it look really ancient. Yep, I scared some people with this.

Trick or treat?

BONUS 05: Halloween Special 2010

Happy Halloween and Samhain, y’all. Enjoy this bonus picture of Amuletts dressed as a Pirate complete with eyepatch and Cutlass.YARR!

@adrastuscomic (of the webcomic Adrastus) really helped with the footprints in the sand by directing me to a tutorial on DeviantArt. Thanks 🙂

BONUS 03: Halloween Special 2009

Happy Halloween everybody, and happy Samhain to everyone else.  Here’s a special treat – Tinuvielle dressed up in a sexy witches outfit (she is a magic user after all and that’s practically a witch) and sitting on a big pumpkin.  Lucky pumpkin I say.


Fan Art from Children of The Tiger


purenightshade of Children of the Tiger drew this lovely piece of Fan Art as part of her big Halloween art project.  You see Halloween is her favorite holiday, so every day from Oct1st to 31st she’s drawing one of her characters in Cosplay!  Today it’s Kishandren as Amuletts. Receiving it really cheered me up!

Check out purenightshade’s Deviantart Gallery to see what other characters her cast has cosplayed and suggest what they might dress up as next!

Her webcomic is one I follow regularly and you will find me a frequent commenter.  The story follows five Dragon Warriors in their quest to recover the missing Princess of Shanshiire.  Kishandren is my favorite character, so I’m really pleased she honoured Amuletts through cosplay!