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Sunday Sketch #7: Suicidal Cupid?

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
Sadly I don’t have time to do a special comic for Valentines Day, but I hope you enjoy this. I don’t think he’s try to commit suicide, he just wonders what it would be like to fall in love and is willing to take the risk of getting hurt! Heck, aren’t we all?
suicidal cupid

BONUS 04: Christmas Special 09

Happy Christmas!  … if belated.

I was thinking of calling this the ‘Christmas not-so-special.’  I’m visiting family and do not have my usual resources, but I wanted to give something to my loyal readers so here we are.

EDIT: I’ve uploaded a better version, with proper shading, since the first one sucked!

I have exploited poor Tinuvielle and it seemed about time for Martin to take a turn.  So here he is, in the buff, full-monty style, offering you his Christmas Package!  He can’t be cold because he’s so HAWT!

Regular updates will be back in January.