Pg 73: Hot Elf on Elf

This week in Epic Fail: She’s not saying that she did, but Amuletts might have set fire to Tinuvielle’s bed to stop her from learning new spells.

Creator’s Commentary: I like the visual humour in this one a lot. The dialogue is not particularly amusing but the visuals make me chuckle. At least I’m making myself laugh with these comics!

It’s interesting using the night-time color palette. Is it too dark or can you see everything okay?

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Webcomic Review – Jake the Evil Hare

Jake the Evil Hare - A Superhero Webcomic "What happens when a very bad jackrabbit goes good?"

Jake the Evil Hare‘s tagline is: What happens when a very bad jackrabbit goes good? Jake is an Anthromorph, or ‘Furry’ if you prefer, which the comic explains in a ‘Secret of NIMH‘ / evil-scientific-experiment-gone-wrong kinda way. He’s also evil and a bit of a dick, fond of random violence and justifying murder to his own satisfaction, but he is the lesser of two evils and moreover trying to change.

This is a story of redemption althought that’s hard to see at first, largely because Jake keeps acting like a dick – an amusing dick but a dick nonetheless. Jake the Evil Hare is a complete lampoon of the Superhero genre and it’s anti-hero protagonist is probably as anti the Marvel-stlye Superhero as you are going to get.

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Movie Review: The Gamers

The Gamers is an Independently produced comedy by Dead Gentleman Productions, and focuses on a group of student role-play gamers (I can confidently say they are playing Dungeons & Dragons – I recognise the books). It fully embraces the concept of this being a game and interchanges between the game-world and the real-world, which adds much of its humour. The Gamers succeeds in accurately showing what the experience of gaming is like: to the outside viewer just a bunch of nerds sitting around a table, but once you enter that imaginative world you see it is much more, and a ton of fun!

Role-players sitting around a table from the movie The Gamers

The Movie is very much carried by its humour, the plot itself isn’t very robust being a basic defeat the villain, rescue the Princess cliché but nonetheless serves as a good vehicle. Likewise the characters are very stereotypical but that’s okay because it’s what the movie is making fun of.


Webcomic Spotlight: LINT


LINT follows the journey of Sangwine Schloeffle, an exiled elven prince, whose family has been murdered and kingdom usurped by the evil Fang, Overlord of Darkness!

LINT is, and will probably always be, one of my all time favourite comics.  I started reading it when it was still in pencil and the fact that it started out from fairly basic artwork and developed into something much more beautiful is a great inspiration.  For me it is part of the comics charm and those early drawings should never be replaced.

The plot, too, advanced from a light-hearted adventurers jaunt into a complex, well thought out, emotional experience.  Later on the tone becomes more serious, but it still has a sort of tongue-in-cheek irreverence to it.  It has made me laugh and it has made me cry.  The juxtaposition of humour and drama works to heighten them both.  That’s a style I admire and would like to do something similar in my own work.

I’m writing this now because, after five years, the story of LINT is complete.  It’s sad, because I will miss reading it, but also wonderful.  There is satisfaction in completion.  Heaven knows I have experienced the frustration of webcomics that have ended half way through a story!  And hopefully the author, Colby Purcell, will go on to create other things.

Go and read LINT.  It’s made of awesome.


Webcomic Spotlight: Capes -N- Babes


Capes -N- Babes is a webcomic that knows its audience: Geeks. It’s a gag comic centred on a Comic Shop in a strip Mall called, funnily enough, Capes -N- Babes. It acts as a forum for geeky discussion on current trends in the comic book industry, T.V and the internet. Its main characters are honest with opinions and experiences that are easy to relate to. Their world is very like ours except all the popular fictional characters are real people. They all ‘star’ in their own franchise… unless it has ended, in which case they have had to go out and find themselves day jobs. Marc, the main character, frequently interviews them for the stores video podcast.

Needless to say a lot of humour results from the colliding of worlds; superheroes brought down to earth by the laws of physics and Zombies who don’t want to be stereotyped. There’s Roy, the werewolf who works in the video store who is frequently mistaken for a cosplayer, a Narnian bartender and illegal aliens who are… Aliens! (I actually watched Alien yesterday and could not stop snickering due to the image of an Alien dishwasher that kept popping into my head). Capes –N- Babes will have you satirising the world in no time and keep making you smile throughout the day.