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Sad News for Nerds: Aaron Swartz commits suicide

This is very sad news. Yesterday, the 11th of January 2013, Aaron Swartz committed suicide in New York aged just 26. This news was confirmed by Swartz’s uncle, Michael Wolf, and his attorney, Elliot Peters who stated in an email to The Tech “The tragic and heartbreaking information you received is, regrettably, true.”


Webtoon ‘Minion’s Quest’

Good News everyone! Jonathan Ian Mathers, creator of the animated cartoon series Neurotically Yours starring Foamy the Squirrel, is venturing into the realm of Fantasy with a new web series. It’s called Minion’s Quest and follows the adventures of a Succubus, Velosa, who, upon being summoned, arrives to discover her Master nowhere to be found; her quest is searching for him in the strange new world she now inhabits.

I suspect she may be from a Futurama-type Universe as Velosa uses the word ‘axed’ instead of ‘asked.’ I love subtle geek references and this promises to be chock full of them!

Minion's Quest webtoon cartoon animation

Inspired by World of Warcraft and encouraged by internet successes like The Guild Mathers felt the time had come to realise a concept he’d been sitting on for 5 years! He says “It’s no secret I’m pretty geeky” and “I really need to work on something that isn’t centered around NYC. Foamy, 4y, Dia & Tofu all take place in Manhattan so this gives me a chance to go beyond my comfort zone.”


Webcomic Spotlight: Capes -N- Babes


Capes -N- Babes is a webcomic that knows its audience: Geeks. It’s a gag comic centred on a Comic Shop in a strip Mall called, funnily enough, Capes -N- Babes. It acts as a forum for geeky discussion on current trends in the comic book industry, T.V and the internet. Its main characters are honest with opinions and experiences that are easy to relate to. Their world is very like ours except all the popular fictional characters are real people. They all ‘star’ in their own franchise… unless it has ended, in which case they have had to go out and find themselves day jobs. Marc, the main character, frequently interviews them for the stores video podcast.

Needless to say a lot of humour results from the colliding of worlds; superheroes brought down to earth by the laws of physics and Zombies who don’t want to be stereotyped. There’s Roy, the werewolf who works in the video store who is frequently mistaken for a cosplayer, a Narnian bartender and illegal aliens who are… Aliens! (I actually watched Alien yesterday and could not stop snickering due to the image of an Alien dishwasher that kept popping into my head). Capes –N- Babes will have you satirising the world in no time and keep making you smile throughout the day.