Comix Thing 2010 Report

I went to the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing this Saturday (March 27th). I visited it last year and it was a lot of fun but this is the first time I have exhibited a comic anywhere. It was quieter this year (I suspect because of the constant rain) but traffic picked up around lunch-time and there was a steady flow of people thereafter. Quite a lot of my online friends turned up and said hi, amongst them prestwick creator of Hard Graft and fellow member of the Webcomic Planet Collective. It was great to meeting people in the real world.

There were also a lot of people who read Epic Fail online, which suprised me, because my UK readership is comparatively small. Still I guess a lot of my readers are comics lovers and just the sort of person who would go to a comics convention! So many thanks to all the readers who came and visited my table, it was extremely gratifying. At only one year old Epic Fail is doing extremely well and that’s down to you guys.

Everyone was extremely complimentary about Epic Fail and my artwork in general (I was selling prints and hand-made jewelry as well as the comics). The comic book is very beautifully printed and has a gloss effect which made it the shiniest comic at the Thing! Several people asked me where I got it printed and it was from Pulse Print.

Now I hate travelling in London, but thankfully JJ (aka Martin in real-life) was there to guide me through the Underground and helped me at my table throughout the day. I shared my table with Rob Cureton of Orful Comics who is an awesome guy and had cake which he used to spell out the name of his comic. Later these started to get eaten which lead them turning into ‘U ROLO SCUM!’ I couldn’t get away from my table much to meet the other exhibitors, so I made my flyers into paper aeroplanes and delivered them to everyone within range.

Overall a really fun day and I hope to be back next year.

Waiting for the Coach on my way home a lady asked my why I was wearing the pointed ears and face paint. I said I had been to my first ever Comics Convention and wanted to stand out. She told me I was very brave and she didn’t know how anyone could stand in front of a whole bunch of people and tell jokes like that.

webcomic planet teaser

Pg 31: Adorably Chivalrous

This week in Epic Fail: Dirk goes to see Amuletts to ask if he can accompany her on her ‘shopping’ trip.  He believes she will simply steal what she wants if he is not there to supervise.  Amuletts interprets his concern as adorably chivalrous.

Creator’s Commentary: I actually drew this page a while back, when Tinuvielle had just met Yoru, but then I realised there were explanations needed that could not wait.  So this page got moved back.

A lot of the comic so far has been just talking, and I keep trying to think of new ways to make the frames interesting.  Having the characters do something whilst they talk is one way, so here we have Amuletts applying her make-up.  Yes – it’s different than normal, she does that occasionally.  Not to mention I wanted to show that it is make-up an not a permanent tattoo.  She always favours red and black colours because they are the colours of Loki.