Pg 57: Amuletts Laments

This Week in Epic Fail: Everyone is delighted they got given so much money but Amuletts is lamenting that it wasn’t more.

Creator’s Commentary: Big surprise there! Yeah… I don’t think you learn anything new about the characters from this page that you didn’t already know :p  I suppose you may not have realised quite how much pride Amuletts takes in her greed. It really means a lot to her that she’s better at it than anyone else. She’s worked hard at those character flaws dammit!

I had a go at a few different expressions here. Amuletts is meant to have a thousand mile stare in frame one but I’m not sure it worked out; I’m tempted to edit it so her ears are drooping a bit there as well. My intent was that she be sticking her lower lip out in panel three. Dirk is supposed to be rolling his eyes in the fouth panel and sneering in the fifth. As always critique welcome; I’m trying to push my skill further where I can.

I’m moving house at the weekend. Wish me luck!

Pg 56: Lost for Words

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts tries to negotiate a good price for their services, and gets more than she expected.

Creator’s Commentary: It’s no secret that I use artistic liscence on my pages. Not on this one. This is almost word-for-word how it played out. 20 thousand gp was the most anyone had hever seen in game, so it was flabbergasting Simone (the Mage NPC) would just agree to it. So Amuletts stuttered… because I stuttered.

I might revise Amuletts’ expression in the last panel, it didn’t really turn out like I intended.

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Why I think Flattr is awesome for Webcomics

Flattr - Easy donations, tips and micropaymentsSo. Flattr. You are probably wondering “Flat-err-WHAT?!” having never heard of this thing. I only heard about it last week.  It was released in 2010 so it’s relatively new – less than a year old in fact, and still in beta. Nonetheless I am going to use my powers of prediction to foresee Flattr as a success – at least for webcomics!

I have a webcomic (Coo! You don’t say!) and with it terrific fans – in fact I’d go so far as to say the whole webcomics community is terrific. Fans and creators alike want to see the comics they love thrive and are incredibly supportive (and since you’re reading this I’ll take this opportunity to say, a little tearfully, Thanks Guys!) Yet, despite all this, only a small minority will send a donation. Don’t feel guilty – I have never donated myself. Sometimes I’ve hovered over the PayPal button, occassionally clicked, but gone through with it? Never.  Here’s why: