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The NaNoWriMo Song

Thanks to the internet’s Indie music scene Geeks now have their own soundtrack and it’s called ALLCAPS. The Band consisting of Kristina Horner and Luke Conard have a repertoire of geeky songs including ones about Comics, Robots, Zombies, World of Warcraft and Harry Potter.

But this month November, or National Novel Writers Month. I have a lot of friends who are writers (actually I’m drowning in original manuscripts) and they all have their noses to the grindstone to get that wordcount. How better to cheer them on than with a little song? The NaNoWriMo Song!

‘It’s mixture of relief, perseverance, and caffeine and just little touch of going mad.’
Good luck with NaNoWriMo you crazy, crazy people!!


Epic Fail on Y2CL Radio


I was interviewed about Epic Fail on Y2CL Radio and you can listen to or download the podcast here.  Aside from me talking about fascinating things you can hear some great music by Sam Letts (my sister) and Dave Letts (my Dad).

A quick warning – it’s 18+ and deserves that rating.