Pg 19: Armourers Ho!

Amuletts is invited to take a seat… and she does, going away believing this kingdom is far more generous than she at first believed.  The three fighters come to a consensus on the name of their company: Shieldless.  With no appreciation for the irony they head off to the armourers directly afterwards to buy Shields for themselves.

I’ve changed the style of the eyes in this page, you will see they now have pupils.  What do you think?

Pg 6: Just fight amongst yourselves…

This week in Epic Fail: Despite Dirk’s efforts fighting has broken out between Clodin and Amuletts. The King isn’t happy and hints at dire consequences.

Creator’s Commentary: So, we have our first fight scene, and it’s infighting.  I’m not sure how well this scene flows, especially with Dirk and the Golem (known as Andy Roid), but hopefully it makes sense.

Amuletts is my namesake.  I use it a lot online.  I decided I wanted a nickname like Trillian (Patricia McMillan) from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  So I joined Amy Letts together by bastardising the U.  Of course, using variants and anagrams of your own name is a long-standing tradition in rpgs, originating from the great Gygax himself (Zagyg being the most obvious example).