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Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness Movie Review

Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness is the D&D Players Movie.  The movie producers no longer cared about pleasing the masses and focused on their core audience. After all, after the failure first & second movies who else was there to appeal too? This movie is not in any way connected to it’s predecessors (aside from the number). And that is something to celebrate, the fact that someone must have said “It’s Dungeon’s and Dragons! Just make the movie like the game.” And it is. So if you play D&D you’ll probably be super into it Book of Vile Darkness.  However, those who don’t are less likely to appreciate the fan service and more likely to notice the low budget!

Book of Vile Darkness review (1)

Pg 74: Censorship

This week in Epic Fail: Martin thows a bucket of water over Amuletts’ and Tinuvielle’s heads, not because he hasn’t noticed the fire is already out, but to put an end to their argument. The women start to take off their wet clothes but Dirk covers up their nudity with a ‘Censorship’ sign he just happens to have on him.

Creator’s Commentary: Personally I’m against censorship (now’t wrong with a bit of nudity) but I’m quite happy to use it as a joke because I think it’s something a Paladin would entirely approve of.

From an art perspective I’m quite pleased with the water pouring down but the background is poor. It looks like they’re floating somewhere in the planets outer atmosphere :s Sorry… will fix at some point.

While you’re here let me draw your attention to United Webcomics Walpurgisnacht Project, a sort of webcomics art swap themed around “Witches Night”. Great fun, check it out!

Pg 64: Paladin Baiting

Today in Epic Fail: Amuletts plants a gem in Martin’s saddlebag then ‘steals’ it back making sure Dirk is watching her.

Creator’s Commentary: It is Dialogue Free Comics Day today and I took up the challenge to draw a comic telling the story with only pictures and no text. I hope you can follow it easily enough. There are lots of other webcomics doing the challeng as well today so make sure you check them out.

Yes Amuletts is engaging in the sport she likes to call ‘Paladin Baiting’ (quite possibly to distract for her mistake of flying off in the wrong direction on the previous page). I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. You can assume she does this ‘fake theft’ thing quite a bit in order to confuse Dirk.

Blog Sketches

Drawing of Dirk – Paladin or Samurai?

Drawing of Dirk - Paladin or Samurai

A realistic-stlye drawing of Epic Fail’s Dirk posing with a sword. In the version of Dungeons & Dragons I play we use a deities system where Clerics and Paladins can choose to serve a specific God. Dirk serves Amaterasu, the Japanese Goddess of the sun, and I therefore consider him to really be a Samurai.

I used this picture as a vote incentive for Comic Hovel for a while, there’s a new one now.

Pg 45: 100% Discount

This week in Epic Fail: The Shopkeeper explains that he gave the Orbs to Amuletts, as a gift because of her Title. Dirk feels extremely guilty, believing his actions unpaladinic.

Creator’s Commentary: I’m still inking with a brush-pen, so the line-work is broader and I’ve generally reduced the gap between panels. Plot-wise you get a couple of pay-offs.

Amuletts’ final line in this page was based on one said by Sibella in Kind Hearts and Coronets, only she says ‘I like it when you behave like a cad.’ I love that Movie, and anything by Ealing Studios really. Now I have a hankering to watch it again.

Pg 42: Redefining Theft

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts’ tries to avoid the accusation of theft by calling it something different. Strangely enough this tactic doesn’t work on the Paladin. He gets her in a wrist-lock, forcing her to drop the second Orb and demands to know what else she stole. She admits to stealing a necklace that she is hiding in her… *ahem*

Creator’s Commentary: I hope you appreciate the backgrounds, they took me ages this time. It would be much easier if I just used a block of colour or something.

For some reason I kept misspelling ‘else’ as ‘elf.’

Pg 32: Oo, Denied!

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts propositions Dirk. The chaste Paladin is having none of it.

Creator’s Commentary: Finally got it done!  Now to sleep Zz zzz…

Pg 17: Too much Justice

Much to Tinuvielles discomfort Amuletts continues to be intensely affectionate and rather flirtatious. She attempts to politely get away but Amuletts pursues her to ‘see her off.’ The rest of the party consider what the group ought to be called. Dirk, being a Paladin, wants a name with ‘Justice’ in, but every name he suggests has already been used.

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before but Amuletts is a person who enjoys testing boundaries, and this is what she is doing with Tinuvielle here.

The pose taken by Clodin, Dirk and Martin is parodying a famous picture of The Justice League Unlimited. Dirk is in the position of Superman, Martin Spiderman, and Clodin Wonder Woman! I hope that gives you all a chuckle.

Fathers for Justice (or Fathers 4 Justice as Google reliably informs me) is a Fathers’ Rights organisation famous for its high-publicity stunts whilst dressed as super heroes.