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Risen Game Review

Risen 3 has just been released, but this is a review of the original Risen released in 2009 for PC and Xbox. In a reversal of the usual trend this is a great PC game with a terrible port to console, so if you’re thinking of getting it for PC – absofiggin’lutely! Xbox? Give it a miss.


I loved this game. I’m a big fan of the RPG genre and Risen has everything a good RPG should have, and rises above many. You start out shipwrecked on a beach, your first weapon is a stick and the rodents fight better than you do. You’ve come from nowhere but nobody has had visions of you, nor are you the goddamned Chosen One! The characters you meet do not say ‘Oh look it’s the Player’ in fact they are quite surly and distrustful until you have proven yourself. It’s an immersive world with life, character and humour.