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Sunday Sketch #12 – My Little Pony Dirk

My Little Pony Dirk, MLP FiM Fanart
This Sunday Sketch is Dirk as a My Little Pony! Are you sensing a pattern yet? I’ve used the color of his (new) armor as the colour of his coat, and his Cutie mark is three ginko leaves, a Samurai symbol for loyalty. They look pretty.

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Drawing of Dirk – Paladin or Samurai?

Drawing of Dirk - Paladin or Samurai

A realistic-stlye drawing of Epic Fail’s Dirk posing with a sword. In the version of Dungeons & Dragons I play we use a deities system where Clerics and Paladins can choose to serve a specific God. Dirk serves Amaterasu, the Japanese Goddess of the sun, and I therefore consider him to really be a Samurai.

I used this picture as a vote incentive for Comic Hovel for a while, there’s a new one now.

Pg 2: My Kindom for some Phat Loot

On this page the focus has moved away from the blue riders (somewhat like in 1914¹) and concerntrated on the figures on the red carpet.  Oo look!  They get lines!  These must be core actors instead of low-paid extras.  (What, did you think making a comic was cheap?  I’ll have you know that King fellow is top-notch, he starred in a deck of playing cards)!

So, these guys have performed some kind of heroic deed and the kingdom is very thankful.  But someone isn’t satisfied and rants accordingly.  She may be within earshot of the monarch but doesn’t seem to care.  The dwarf annonces her to the crowd – knowing full well how she’ll hate it.  Everyone laughs uproariously.  Amuletts vows revenge.

I have carefully worked out concept drawings for all the main characters, except Dirk.  Nothing really seemed to work out.  But then I had to draw him, properly, for the comic.  So I decided not to worry so much.  I had a kinda Samurai-style in mind, so I went with that.  He looked too girly so I added a beard.  Voila!

¹ This is a bad art joke, reflecting my sense of humour and too many years of art education.  It refers to Der Blaue Reiter, a short-lived expressionist group of artists with many prestigious members.  It ended in 1914 after only three years due to the war.  Not really funny at all.