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Valentines Day Sex Drive 2014

Happy Valentines Day everyone! And what better way to celebrate than with sexy nude comic art? There are many webcomics participating; you can find a full list of them below. Don’t forget to visit everyone.

Click the image below to see Tinuvielle Naked!

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Valentines Day Sex Drive

The Complete List of Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2014 Participants

Byron Wilkins: 1977 The Comic | Liz Staley: Adrastus | Jeremy Begin: After the Dream | Tom Szewc (with Maxwell Vex of Agents of the Endtimes): Alone in a Crowd | John Peters: Ardra | Mark Egan: Back Office and Bata Neart | Hiro Odan: Bridge University | Notos: Buying Time | Peter Anckorn: By The Book | Melissa Stone: Children of the Tiger | J. E. Flint and E. Flint: The Chronicles of Loth | Lou Graziani: Cy-Boar | Doomy: Demented | Amy Letts: Epic Fail | Davy Shirley: Fera | Brion Foulke: Flipside | Dave Barrack: Grrl Power | Rick: HeadWound | Spaces: Holy Bibble | Hushicho: Incubus Tales | Phil and Max: Indifferently Evil | Doug Jacobs: Impure Comics | Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls: Lacey Investigations | R(ed): Meiosis | J. Mackenzie Graham: Mozhaets | TK Doherty: Nikki Sprite | Niauropsaka: Raspberry Rain | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz Rasputin Barxotka and Rasputin Catamite | Stef Marcinkowski: Sarah Zero | Adam Black: Silk & Honey, Locus and Kiss 4K | Officer M: The Soul of a Hero | Cihan Şeşen: SPINE | Sean Harrington: Spying With Lana | Juno Blair B.: Star Cross’d Destiny | Foust: Steel Siren (Trendkill Comics) | John Kratky, Tobias Gebhardt and Stephen Yan: Tales of Hammerfist | Chella Morgan: TDUGN | The D-Wrek: Twenty Four Seven | Jerry McMasters: Webcomic Pete | Rinkelle: Xenobiosis | Yellowgerbil: Zoe the Vampire

Sexy Bunny Day 2013

Happy Sexy Bunny Day!

Sexy Bunny Day is a cross-webcomic celebration of Easter – with sexy bunnies! 21 webcomics are participating by posting images of their characters dressed in a bunny costume for easter. A list of the participants is below; visit each to see their awesome bunnies. This is the first annual Sexy Bunny Day (SBD) as organised by United Webcomics.


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So which of Epic Fail’s characters bravely donned a pair of rabbits ears and a fluffy tail? You must be wondering. Is it Amuletts, the red-headed rogue? Or Tinuvielle, the sexy spell-slinger? Maybe Martin the muscular man-muffin? Or Dirk, the attractively brooding Paladin? Why no! It is Clodin, the dare-devil dwarf! He’s short, he’s hairy and he’s dressed as a bunny for your pleasure! (You may argue this doesn’t fall under the remit of ‘sexy bunny’ but he’s trying, okay? And theirs going to be some pervert somewherethat finds him attractive!)

Remember this is an international event so participants may be in different timezones. If someone has not posted their sexy bunny art yet please check back later. A list of all participants is below.

  1. Amy Lets – Epic Fail (No need to click this one – You’re already here!)
  2. Byron Wilkins – 1977 The Comic
  3. Cihan Sesen – Spine
  4. David Shirley | Fera
  5. Hiro Odan – Bridge University
  6. Hushicho – Incubus Tales
  7. J. E. Flint and Eric Flint – The Chronicles of Loth (Maybe)
  8. Jerry McMasters – Webcomic Pete
  9. John Kratky, Tobias Gebhardt, and Stephen Yan – Tales of Hammerfist
  10. Liz Staley – Adrastus
  11. Mark Egan – Back Office
  12. Melissa Stone – Children Of The Tiger
  13. Michael Balistreri – Black Snow Comic
  14. Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls – Lacey investigations
  15. Nate Hammond – Jazz and Jess
  16. Niauropsaka – Raspberry rain
  17. Nick Gonzo – Execution Day
  18. Peter Anckorn – By The Book
  19. Phil and Max – Indifferently Evil
  20. Uncle Greedy – Steampunk Gorgon
  21. Yellowgerbil – Zoe The Vampire

Pg 46: Role Play

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts tries to get Dirk to participate in the sexy kind of Fantasy Role Play. He runs away.

Creator’s Commentary: I wasn’t at all sure whether to be this blatant, but luckily this is a comic on the internet and I know that in comparison to a lot of the stuff out there this is pretty tame.

Some of you will be pleased to hear that this is the end of the ‘Shopping’ storyline. It was fun, and I could go on, but I think I’ve said what’s necessary.

Blog Sketches

Fan Art for Children of the Tiger

Kinrou from the webcomic Children of the Tiger. Fan Art by amulettsThis Fan Art is of Kinrou from the Fantasy webcomic Children of the Tiger by Melissa Stone aka purenightshade. I am every grateful to her for being the person to introduce me to the fact there is a webcomics community out there, and I read her webcomic regularly. This version of Kinrou is based off a pin-up she drew of him (you might be able to tell).

In the current storyline he is in a love-triangle with Kishandren and Sahiren, but in order to preserve an element of mystery I will not tell you which one he is in love with. Ha ha!

The story in Children of the Tiger very much hinges on the world, and society, in which it is based. It’s a slow reveal, where we’re gradually given pieces to the puzzle that connect events to wider politics. This is an example of a story that is not happening in a vacuum – the main characters aren’t the only people to exist or indeed the only people who are important. That’s something I like, but I think it’s hard to do. I can’t say whether the script succeeds on every level – all the pieces are not in place yet and the author is still learning.

What I like about the artwork is the bright colours. I’ll be honest: the anatomy isn’t great, but I’m a little guilty of that myself. Actually this put me onto Posemaniacs (which I never heard of before) and is such a useful resource. It basically has 3D models of nudes in all sorts of poses that you can move and practise drawing from different angles. They even include muscle structure. I might post some sketches from their references at some point.

Until then, just enjoy sexy Kinrou.

Blog Sketches

Fan Art for Wayward Fall

I drew some more fan art, this one of Vigana from the fantasy webcomic Wayward Fall by Taversia Borrelli (now there’s the name of an Artist if ever I heard one)! It’s a fairly adult webcomic with plenty of violence, a dash of sex and a dark, Gothic feel – but what do you expect from a comic where vampires stalk the streets?

Vigana from the webcomic Wayward Fall; Fan Art by amuletts

And that’s just what Vigana is: a sexy flame-haired, red-and-black-wearing Vampire (just the sort Amuletts would probably go for)! She’s pretty awesome in my opinion – I like strong female characters.

Hmm, I think I just came up with a new tagline for this comic: Love Buffy? Hate Twilight? Read Wayward Fall!

And now I’ve stirred up that shit-storm allow me to explain: The Vampires in this story are very traditional, they are dangerous, blood-drinking creatures of the night. And like Buffy this comic combines elements of both fantasy and horror, with a hidden, dark world of magic and supernatural creatures. It’s not a teenage angsty romance. Well… I mean there is angst and romance but it’s adult angst and romance :p