BONUS 03: Halloween Special 2009

Happy Halloween everybody, and happy Samhain to everyone else.  Here’s a special treat – Tinuvielle dressed up in a sexy witches outfit (she is a magic user after all and that’s practically a witch) and sitting on a big pumpkin.  Lucky pumpkin I say.


Fanart from Spying with Lana

martin I just got this fabulous piece of fanart from Sean Harrington of Spying with Lana. It’s of Martin, with his shirt off, looking extremely buff and attractive – as indeed he should! It’s nice for him to get the chance to show his muscles off as they are usually hidden by his armor.

Inked in black & white with red as an accent colour Spying with Lana is a titillating action webcomic with a hint of humour. It throws you right into the middle of the plot, with storys told on a case-by-case basis, generally involving sexy Lana getting naked along the way! The comics are grouped as a storyline per page so they are easy to read by scrolling down. So far they seem pretty stand-alone so this is easy to get into. You should definately check it out.