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Sunday Sketch 20 – 25 Essential Expressions: Tinuvielle

25 essential expressions challenge - tinuvielle

My 2nd attempt at the 25 Essential Expressions Challenge this time with Tinuvielle. I did Amuletts before and I think I will do Clodin next. It is a good exercise and I think you all know how much I enjoy drawing expressions and putting personality into them. They really make the characters come to life in my opinion. I think this one turned out a lot better than the previous Expressions Challenge. I guess I’m improving.

As always your constructive criticism would be much appreciated.


Sunday Sketch #16 – 25 Essential Expressions

I decided to do this exercise because I love expressions and it is good to practise character consistency. I’m not completely happy with all of them so I’ll probably redraw a few. I might possible ink/color them later… I’m not sure at the moment.
Please do leave me your feedback and constructive critism – I love to hear it and it is very useful.

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Sunday Sketch #9

A page from my sketchbook.  I am practising drawing sword-fighting by copying freeze-frames from combat videos.  When we get some actual fighting in Epic Fail I want it to look right.  Don’t be suprised if you see some of these poses used in the comic.

Oh! And for those who want to pre-order Epic Fail #1 today is your last chance, after that they are closed.


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Sunday Sketch #8: Fog Elemental

Now I’m sure you’re all too diplomatic to say so, but inking isn’t one of my strong points. There’s only one way to tackle that, though, isn’t there?  Practise!  So this is a fully inked drawing using several different types of line.  Yeah, I went for something insubstantial just to make it easy on myself!


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Sunday Sketch #5: Pig Pig Pig!

Aww, guineapigs are sooo cute!