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Flattr integration with WordPress/Comicpress.

You already know how awesome I think Flattr is, especially for webcomics. Unfortunately it’s still a little clunky to integrate, preventing many people who want to adopt it from doing so.

It is easy to add a Flattr button to a single blog post, but if you have a large website it becomes a chore. If, like me, you are using WordPress the solution seems simple: use the Flatter Plugin. This not only adds the Flattr button to your posts but submits new posts to Flattr when you publish them. Alas, whilst I’m sure it is an excellent solution for many people, it didn’t work for me.

In the Plugin Debug I discover my problem: ‘No cURL extension found.’ Bugger. As tech savvy as I am this is not something I can fix. Fortunately I’ve figured out a couple of workarounds. These ought to work even if you have a different error.


Windows 7 + Wacom Intuos = Epic Fail

Upgrading my operating system from XP to Windows 7 left me with a problem – my Wacom Intuos graphics tablet would not work properly. Specifically I could not switch from ‘pen mode’ to ‘mouse mode.’ A) I’m used to mouse mode B) I have a rather small tablet and two somewhat large monitors which led to the mouse pointer jumping about all over the place! I also found that the tablet was not recognised whenever any kind of Systems message popped up.

Googling, I discovered lots of people with similar (if not exactly the same) problems all related to Windows 7 and the Intuos series of Wacom tablets. I also found no working solution. Yet it had worked perfectly on XP…

And ultimately, after much fiddling, that turned out to be the solution – Uninstalling the Windows 7 appropriate drivers and installing those of an earlier system (Vista or XP). I used Driver 6.1.1-3(RC) for USB Tablets on Windows Vista & XP (32 & 64 bit). And it works perfectly!

So if you have problems with your wacom tablet on Windows 7 go and find some older drivers for it – do not use ones that say they are for Windows 7! It’s possible you may have problems installing them. If you do right-click on the driver installer and select ‘Run as Administrator’ and they should go through okay. Hopefully this’ll help some frustrated artists out there with tablet troubles.