Pg 64: Paladin Baiting

Today in Epic Fail: Amuletts plants a gem in Martin’s saddlebag then ‘steals’ it back making sure Dirk is watching her.

Creator’s Commentary: It is Dialogue Free Comics Day today and I took up the challenge to draw a comic telling the story with only pictures and no text. I hope you can follow it easily enough. There are lots of other webcomics doing the challeng as well today so make sure you check them out.

Yes Amuletts is engaging in the sport she likes to call ‘Paladin Baiting’ (quite possibly to distract for her mistake of flying off in the wrong direction on the previous page). I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. You can assume she does this ‘fake theft’ thing quite a bit in order to confuse Dirk.

Pg 31: Adorably Chivalrous

This week in Epic Fail: Dirk goes to see Amuletts to ask if he can accompany her on her ‘shopping’ trip.  He believes she will simply steal what she wants if he is not there to supervise.  Amuletts interprets his concern as adorably chivalrous.

Creator’s Commentary: I actually drew this page a while back, when Tinuvielle had just met Yoru, but then I realised there were explanations needed that could not wait.  So this page got moved back.

A lot of the comic so far has been just talking, and I keep trying to think of new ways to make the frames interesting.  Having the characters do something whilst they talk is one way, so here we have Amuletts applying her make-up.  Yes – it’s different than normal, she does that occasionally.  Not to mention I wanted to show that it is make-up an not a permanent tattoo.  She always favours red and black colours because they are the colours of Loki.