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Webcomic Review – Jake the Evil Hare

Jake the Evil Hare - A Superhero Webcomic "What happens when a very bad jackrabbit goes good?"

Jake the Evil Hare‘s tagline is: What happens when a very bad jackrabbit goes good? Jake is an Anthromorph, or ‘Furry’ if you prefer, which the comic explains in a ‘Secret of NIMH‘ / evil-scientific-experiment-gone-wrong kinda way. He’s also evil and a bit of a dick, fond of random violence and justifying murder to his own satisfaction, but he is the lesser of two evils and moreover trying to change.

This is a story of redemption althought that’s hard to see at first, largely because Jake keeps acting like a dick – an amusing dick but a dick nonetheless. Jake the Evil Hare is a complete lampoon of the Superhero genre and it’s anti-hero protagonist is probably as anti the Marvel-stlye Superhero as you are going to get.


Superman’s Epic Fail

Okay, I think it’s time for me to start blogging again about things I find funny or awesome. In this case it’s both!

Superman's Epic Fail
Photo Credit: AP Images/Gero Breloer

Even Heroes Have Bad Days‘ is a sculpture by Marcus Wittmers and took part in Berlin’s ‘Heroes, Freaks and Superrabbis‘ exhibition last year. The title says it all really. Well, when you’re flying at super speeds from planet to planet it’d only take a small miscalculation for things to go horribly, horribly wrong.

The funniest thing is there are fanboys out there arguing over this.  “Superman would knock the planet out of orbit, dude!” “Nah! He’d fly straight through it.” Heh heh, sorry guys, our evidence indicates he does a faceplant into a pavement somewhere. Heh heh.

The real intent of Berlin’s Superhero exhibition was to look at the social and historical context behind Golden Age Superheroes. Did you know that many of the most iconic superheroes, including Superman, Batman and Spiderman, were created by Jewish comic artists? Did you know that comics may have influenced America to join the fight against Nazism in World War II? Food for thought.

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Interview with Director Cisco Davis Jr. on ‘The Peculiars.’

Director and Producer Cisco Davis Jr. talks about The Peculiars – an Indie Superhero film set to start filming this autumn. Something peculiar is coming…

First things first, What is The Peculiars about?

The Peculiars is a actually a spin-off of my webcomic “The Pure and Hidden Truth” ( It tells the story of a team of crime fighters based in Baltimore City that have just gone public as they take on their first big challenge of facing off with a domestic terror cell of dangerously imaginative mimes.

I’ve long suspected Mimes to be evil! Interesting villains to say the least; Mimes can do amazing things with their bodies. Have you cast actual Mimes and what feats can we expect to see from them?

During the casting process when I was casting the lead villain and and “henchmimes” I was very disappointed that I was auditioning ordinary people for these roles. And then I lucked out one day when I got an e-mail from an actual professional mime from New York! A week later the person came down to Baltimore for dinner and to talk about the movie and was cast on the spot for the lead villain! What’s cool is that the actor is a professional mime and can coach other villain actors during filming. I don’t want to give away too much of what these mimes are capable of but let’s just say that the phrase “dangerously imaginative” alludes to the very real possibility that their “miming”
of various actions or wielding certain objects could pose a serious threat to our heroes… 😉


Webcomic Spotlight: Johnny Saturn


A short while ago Johnny Saturn spotlit Epic Fail, now it’s time for me to return the favour. I sincerely doubt I will do it justice but I’m gonna try!

Johnny Saturn, in my opinion, is THE superhero webcomic. If you’re a fan of the genre it’s something you really can’t afford to miss. You know Watchmen? This is the webcomic equivalent. It’s a professional standard, but without the gimmicky, money-spinning claptrap that turned me off DC.

This is a dark, gritty universe with adult stories. The writing improves the more you read, so it’s worth sticking to. Johnny Saturn’s very character driven and explores the many shades of morality.

Art wise Scott Story really knows a thing or two. The comic is visually stunning. He has all the elements down pat – detail, anatomy, perspective, panelling, lettering… you name it. For me it’s a real draw; I just love things that look pretty! This is art you can sit back and appreciate for a long time.


Epic Fail Spotlit on Johnny Saturn

Pop over to Johnny Saturn, a serious superhero webcomic, and read what they have to say about Epic Fail.