United Webcomics Secret Santa

secret-santaJoin the United Webcomics Secret Santa!

It’s simple:

Make sure you sign-up by December 8th, you then have 2 weeks to create your Guest Art. Send your Guest Art on or before 23rd December. (The usual way is to post it to the United Webcomics G+ group).


BONUS 07: Summer Special 2013

Here it is – the 2013 summer special with all the Epic Fail characters in their swimsuits. This was supposed to go up on the 1st but a combination of migraine and going overboard on the shading delayed it until now.

This is part of the United Webcomics Summer Special where you can go and see many webcomics characters sporting their swimwear. Check it out (you can even see the above image a little larger).

So… would anyone like this as a wallpaper? I will send one to donations of $1 or more. I could use the money as I’m having to move house again!