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Dead Island Game Review

Dead Island is a Zombie open world role-playing game that whose sunny holiday setting contrasts the usual dark, bleak settings we are used to in horror games. Indeed Banoi Island is quite beautiful and you might take a moment between Zombie killing to take in the fantastic views. The plot it simple: escape the island. Here of course the Island setting comes into its own as an open world as you can explore as much as you wish but there are limits, and you must achieve quest objectives to progress.


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Zeno Clash Video Game Review

Zeno Clash is a surreal first-person brawler set in the fantasy world of Zenozoik. You play the role of Ghat who, seemingly, has the whole of this strange world against him save one faithful companion, Daedra. Ghat has murdered a hermaphrodite creature called ‘Father-Mother’ who is, yes, both Father and Mother to himself and a slew of siblings. His Brothers and Sisters will literally chase him to the ends of the earth to punish him for his crime. Daedra just wants Ghat to tell her why.