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How to Convert a SWF to an AVI for FREE

The Problem:

If you try to export your flash movie from Adobe Flash Professional you will find that it exports only what is in your main timeline, which breaks a lot of objects and effects, therefore making your movie look pretty crappy. Hopefully they will solve this in the future. In the meantime you are left with a SWF file – a format which is not supported by popular video hosting websites like YouTube. Damn.

Simple Solution:

24/07/16 UPDATE : A FREE Converter Format Factory will convert SWF to AVI as well as a ton of other formats. It is Amazing! It is a godsend! Personally I use it for converting a ton of stuff.

iWisoft Flash/SWF to Video Converter is the ONLY converter I have found which actually converts swf to avi whilst maintaining the quality of the original. Unfortunately the free version leaves a watermark. If you don’t want a watermark you can either pay $49 for the registered version or read on…



I make my evil plans know to the world:

I also received a pathetic video response from Ancire of Union of Heroes about being bombed in the Webcomic Planet War, which lead to some impromptu singing:


Epic Fail does Epic Battle!

Behold what happens to my enemies! Bow down and serve me!

Help Epic Fail to win the Webcomic Planet War by posting this video everywhere: On your websites, blogs, twitter, social networks and anywhere else you can think of.

Get the video by visiting it on youtube and grabbing the embed code on the bottom right.


Webcomic WAR! video appeal

I’ve made an animated video as a final appeal in these last few promoting days of Frumph’s WAR! This week we can only gain points for promotion done outside the webcomics community, so I’m hoping this’ll get spread around different blogs and websites. Viral videos FTW!
This is my first attempt at lip-syncing. It didn’t go too badly :p
I had some technical difficulties with this, but Dungeonwarden helped me.
I’d also like to thank Dave Brendon for reposting this video alongside a review on his weblog. Cheers!


How I colour my comic on video… almost!

Some people have asked me how I make my webcomic.  So when I did the Valentines Day bonus page I used a free screen capturing programme called CamStudio to make a video so I could show you.  It wasn’t a 1oo% sucess, so unfortunately you cannot see the whole process from beginning to end.  It should give you a pretty good idea however.

What you see is me scanning in the hand-drawn page of the comic into photoshop.  It’s not perfect so I make the lines sharper by increasing the brightness and contrast by 30, then I clean up any mistakes or fuzzy edges.  Once that’s done I select the black lines and use them to create two new layers, one called ‘linework’ the other ‘colorfill.’  Then I bucketfill the colorfill layer, saving various selections as I go to make things easier when I get to the shading.  Once this is completed I reload the selections one at a time and add shading using various brushes and the dodge and burn tools. That’s pretty much how I make Epic fail!

Anyway, I hope you find the video useful/interesting.  Hopefully I will have better luck next time I make one.