Pg 39: Entirely New

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts and Bleef discuss Andy Roid’s rarity and uniqueness.

Creator’s Commentary: Drawn on holiday with no references, so it’s probably a good thing I know what my characters look like and didn’t have to do anything drastically new this scene. I though the expressions on the previous page were a little bland, and when you’re doing talking heads bland is baaaad, so I tried to make them a little more animated on this one. Also I remembered Amuletts is wearing make-up.

I’ve got to confess to a certain despondency after the termination of my Comics Collective, it has been there for me since I started, and now it isn’t. More about that in a blog entry later, I already moaned about it on twitter.

Oo I should probably mention there are new vote incentives up every day for the next fortnight: