Webcomic War Round 2

So far all the participants are unscathed, but not for much longer!

Ancire retreats back to where he started whilst Amuletts tries to intercept.  Taversia heads towards the cluster of pets battling it out in the center.  An Octopus strikes at Haley but she was smart enough to attack at the same time, racking her teeth across three of them before being hit by a fourth.  The fourth had initially concertrated on Sabine, so its hit doesn’t damage Haley, it just seers off some fur.  On the other hand Sabine is getting a bit confused, unsure what to do about the terrifying cat running straight at her.  The cat leaps into the air, scratching two of the octopi that were hovering over Sabine’s head with her claws. They fall to the ground, dead. The cat lands and, opening her mouth wide, decides to see if she can swallow a Guinea Pig whole!  Sabine, of course, doesn’t go down easy and does a bit of damage to the inside of her, though she does not survive the trip.  In the meantime Ahres is looking for something to hide behind, but the only cover available is Ancire!  He jumps down from the ledge and shelters in his masters shadow.