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Look! I’m in a Card Game!

It’s arrived! I pre-ordered the WAGON Webcomic Battle ‘Geek Deck’ and it’s finally here with six cards illustrated by yours truly. They’re great cards with cool powers that trow a little chaos into the game 😉


The Geek Deck is themed around the power of the Geek, which is to combine the forces of deceptively weak-looking characters and use unothodox strategy to overcome seemingly unbeatable opponents. Truly in this dawn of a new begining, the Geek shall inherit the Earth.

The Geek Deck includes cards from the webcomics:

AdrastusEpic Fail (that’s me!)Cartridge
Zorphbert & FredSilent PirateEvil Plan

I’m really proud to share a project with such an amazing group of creators!

Now lets look at the cards:


Interparty Conflict

Interparty Conflict is the final piece of card art for the WAGON Webcomic Battle Cardgame which is on pre-order right now! I’m not exactly sure what the cards effect will be yet, but something along the lines of characters belonging to the same group fighting with each other! I thought this was a suitable Plot Device to reflect Epic Fail because, as you all know, it happens in the comic all the time! You can’t see the plot through characters squabbling with one another!

I decide to use Dirk, Tinuvelle and Yoru on this card because they don’t have their own Character cards like Amuletts, Clodin and Martin and I didn’t want them to be left out. I thought covering Yoru’s ears so he doesn’t hear any bad language would be the sort of sweet, protective thing Tinuvielle would do. Don’t ask me what they are arguing about – I haven’t a clue. I just had fun doing the facial expressions.

By the way I found a fun Video on YouTube about interparty conflict in D&D. Just thought I’d share.

Blog Epic Fail Related News & Announcements

Epic Fail wins 3rd in TGT Tournament

Last year I went on the TGT Webcomics Podcast to talk about Epic Fail and as a result was put into their yearly Tournament: Episodic Battles, where all the episodes are put head-to-head and voted on to decide which is best. There’s a video of Kurt Sasso announcing the winners below and he does a good job of describing the contestants and the action so I recommend watching it.

I’m going to describe what the TGT Tournament was like for me and Epic Fail. As you’re probably be aware, due to me hassling you for votes over the month of August, there are four rounds. The first three are head-to-heads, one-on-one, mano-a-mano… you get the idea. One webcomic episode must knock out the other, halving the contestants each round. At the beginning there were 40.

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Phineus: Magician for Hire Interview – Part 2

The Phineus: Magician for Hire interview with Barry Linck continues…

Click here if you’ve yet to read the Phinius: Magician for Hire Interview – Part 1.

Q6: Has being a Role-play Gamer helped you with creating stories for Phineus: Magician for Hire?

Yes, definitely. As well as my theater and film background.

Role-playing has gotten me to think as a character, act as a character would act. Being a DM, helped me create worlds, tell stories and create conflict in the stories.

In addition, all the monsters, magic, and Myth are right in there. I know most of the stuff in , say, the Monster Manual, is based on mythology. That said, the various gaming manuals itemize and describe the characters so succinctly that they sort of become my go to Beast-encyclopedia.

There have been stories I’ve done directly lifted from advesntures I’ve played with my game versions of Phin and Sara. I’ve even created a RPG around Phineus, with the help of my friend, John Burris. I’m even working on a second edition.

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Phineus: Magician for Hire Interview – Part 1

Barry Linck creator of the webcomic Phineus: Magician for Hire takes the hot seat…

Q1: What is ‘Phineus: Magician For Hire’ about?

A1: Phineus is a fantasy/horror/sci fi comic, published on the web, about a paranormal investigations team.

Phin and Sara Beam make up the Beam Agency. The married couple solve all manners of supernatural problems, from vampires and werewolves, to evil garden gnomes, zombies, Elder Things and evil sentient eyeballs bent on world domination.

Phineus is a wizard. A magic Adept, who can cast spells and do magic. Sara is a gun-toting, butt-kicking archeologist and former superhero. Together they protect the world from all the things that go bump in the night.

Q2: Phineus and Sara may be married but they seem like they’re from different world – How did these two get together?

A2: Well, they are from very different worlds, but the same as well.

In the Phineus universe, certain people are what I call “Freak Magnets”. Certain people are genetically destined to run into the paranormal or supernatural. These two are Freak Magnets.

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Rival Angels Interview – Part 1

Alan Evans (a.k.a Albone) creator of the webcomic Rival Angels takes the hot seat…

Q1: What is ‘Rival Angels’ about?

A1: Rival Angels is about four girls trying to make it in professional wrestling and find that surviving their battles with each as room-mates is a completely different matter. The four girls in question are Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini, Lil Dragon Sun Wong, The Definition of Technician Krystin Moline, and self-proclaimed Miss Rival Angels, Aphrodite Brooke Lennox.

Q2: What’s so attractive about female wrestling? Besides to obvious!

A2: Female wrestling is niche-y. That niche brings the passionate fans of female wrestling and intrigues those that may not be fans of pro wrestling. Personally for me as a storyteller, I knew it would be much more interesting to tell the story of several female wrestlers than male ones. If you are aware of pro wrestling, you already know that 85% of the exposure is on the male side. This is my chance to explore that under-served segment.

Q3: How realistically does ‘Rival Angels’ reflect the sport of female wrestling?

A3: Rival Angels reflects pro wrestling in that it’s very loud and showy in the wrestling aspects. The over-the-top characters and the larger than life characters. However, one huge difference is that the matches are real, like in Mixed Martial Arts. None of the matches are pre-determined, so obviously that’s a huge difference.

Q4: Strong female role-models or gratuitous T&A? Which is it?

A4: Strong female role-models in the mold of the characters that Joss Whedon tends to write, like in Buffy or Firefly. The girls are very real, with real problems, fears, hopes and desires that readers can identify with and also with such broad appeal that readers of any age can appreciate.

Q5: How do the characters real life challenges compare to their challenges in the ring?

A5: Sometimes the challenges, like living together as room-mates, is the greater challenge! These four young women share a space with 1 bedroom and 2 baths so tensions can get high. Plus, they’re all essentially going for the same job and there’s not guarantee that they’ll all make it into the pro ranks of Rival Angels. As anyone will tell you, supporting friendships and maintaining relationships is a tough act but throw in a combat sport like this and the problems begin to mount up quick.


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The Drunken Fools Interview – Part 2

The Drunken Fools interview with Antoine Gagnon continues…

Click here if you haven’t read The Drunken Fools Interview – Part 1

Q6: Do you think ‘The Drunken Fools’ encourages or discourages excessive drinking and alcoholism?

A6: Neither of them. The target audience is obviously adults and I believe each one of us has to make their own minds in life.

Q7: Parlez-vous français? What’s it like having a bilingual webcomic and why isn’t it in other languages?

A7: That’s a great question (the 2nd part I mean) 😛

Oui je parle Français. French is my primary language. I actually speak 3 languages: French, English and Drunk… ok, just kidding for the 3rd one 😛

Having a bilingual comic is actually a pain in the neck at times. You can’t simply translate a script from one language to another, you have to adapt it. There are jokes, expressions, sentences that are very hard to translate/adapt due to the context on the story. And this adds more workload: need to write a script in both language and need to letter two pages instead of one (well, 2 separate Layers since I am lettering with a Digital Font) but still a lot of work.

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Drunken Fools Interview – Part 1

Antoine Gagnon takes the hot seat to answer questions about his humour webcomic ‘The Drunken Fools!

Q1: What is ‘The Drunken Fools’ about?

A1: The Drunken Fools is a webcomic where sobriety is overrated.

It all started with four friends in their mid-thirties, refusing to give up their college years of partying and boozing. But, it doesn’t end there for these guys. One of them, Spike, has been assigned a very Guardian Angel called Stubby to right his ways… it just happens to be a very powerful skunk.

Boozing jokes with a bit of fantasy… fiction or reality?

Q2: What’s so funny about being drunk?

A2: Dunno, don’t remember!

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2012 News

Okay there’s a number of subjects covered in this post so I’ve used subheading.


Good news everyone! The Comic Creator’s for Freedom Wallpaper raised a staggering $7,500 for charity. If you participated in the fundraiser give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for striking a blow against human trafficking. Did you spot Amuletts amongst the snowball throwers yet?

Comic Creators For Freedom

By the way posters of this years wallpaper as well as those from previous years is available here with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.


Some of you might have noticed that Epic Fail blacked out last month on January 18th along with over 200,000 other sites including Wikipedia as part of the ‘Stop SOPA and PIPA’ protest. Sorry for the inconvenience but it was to demonstrate the devastating effect these bills could have on the internet if they were passed. Well it had a big effect with senators dropping their support for the bill like a hot potato!


In case you didn’t know the big thing about the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ and the ‘Protect Intellectual Property Act’ was that websites would only need to be SUSPECTED of supporting piracy or infringing copyright to be SHUT DOWN. Which totally goes against the principal of innocent until proven guilty! And the definition of ‘supporting Piracy’ was very broad, such as TALKING about it. It would have given the American Government the power to just take down sites it didn’t like, implementing political censorship and denying our freedom of speech. Thank GOD the protest was effective because there was a great deal of support for the bills beforehand. We must continue to be vigilant and fight to protect our freedoms.


Now Valentines Day will be here soon and I along with several other webcomic artists will be participating in the ‘Valentines Day Sex Drive!’ Started by Stef of Sarah Zero in 2005 all the VDSD involves is drawing a nude picture of one of your original characters and posting it on Valentines Day. So I’ll be doing that and linking to the others so that all you perves can look (don’t worry, it’ll be behind a cut to protect innocent eyes).


In other news I’m kinda skipping the Small Press Conventions this year – my plan is to concentrate on my online audience which is, after all, a lot bigger than the handful of readers I get to meet IRL. And you’ve been missing out on the merch! So I’m going to set up an online store and start offering it to you along with some new stuff, then if I do rejoin the convention scene it’ll be with altogether much cooler stuff. Is there anything you’d like to see?


OnyxSparrow has invited Epic Fail to be part of the next Wagon Webcomic Battle deck of collectible playing cards – and I have accepted with great enthusiasm. WAGON is a battling card game where the players do battle against each other using the characters and plot devices from webcomics! I love gaming! We’re planning some completely epic cards so I’m really excited about it.


I’ve also started doing a few more Webcomic Interviews and am planning to make it a regular thing. So if you have a cool webcomic and would like to be interviewed by email let me know.

Another thing I’m thinking of doing for the blog is a ‘Fail of the Week’ where I choose my favourite picture that’s turned up under the Epic Fail meme that week. ‘Cos I did promise extra fail didn’t I?


I decided to try out Project Wonderful because my Palace in the Sky Ad Box (a webcomic traffic exchange thingy) broke. So if you want to advertise on Epic Fail – do it! It actually seems to be working pretty well so far and I’ve decluttered the sidebar a bit so if anything it should be slightly less intrusive.  But let me know if any of the ads are really irritating and I’ll give them the boot.

That’s all for now folks! Thank you for reading and supporting Epic Fail.

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Comic Book Review: The Underfold – Best Apocalypse Ever!

The UnderFold
I found this collection enjoyable to read; I’ve dipped into ‘The Underfold’ online but never gone all the way back to the beginning, so most of this was new to me. One of the things I enjoy about webcomics is that you see artistic progression – the learning process – and as a creator I find this very inspiring because it shows even the greatest Artists come from humble beginnings. It’s unusual for a published book to show this, but in this case it does. In the beginning the art you see are sketches almost anyone could do and by the end it has progressed into a confident and unique style.