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Title Unrelated Webcomic Interview

Creator G. Pike takes the hotseat to talk about their queer fantasy/adventure comic Title Unrelated.

What’s your webcomic: Title Unrelated about?

Title Unrelated is about a family of queer characters who travel to a parallel world to search for their missing sister. In this other world, known to locals as Ambaia, they befriend two teens with psychic abilities and small band of political rebels. Along the way they begin to realize that the history of their family is actually linked to the history of Ambaia.

One feature of the story that bears mentioning is that Ambaian culture does not have binary gender roles.

Does Ambaian culture perceive gender differently? What noticeable differences are there in the ways people are treated?

I would say yes, they perceive it differently. If they could be said to have a concept of gender (as opposed to sex) it’s manifested more as an aspect of personality.

It’s considered very impolite to ask about someone’s biological sex. If anything, Ambaians could probably be considered “Cis-Nonbinary”, as what beauty/appearance standards there are tend to favor androgyny. In fact, physical sex is not seen as binary either, but more of a spectrum of individual variation. Since there’s no cultural mandate to “be fruitful and multiply” (birth control methods also exist), there’s less focus on reproductive function of individuals. They really don’t have any specific roles that are based solely on sex (the exception being jobs like pregnancy surrogates, who are, by necessity, biologically female).

Children are raised together without much differentiation. Baths and restrooms are unisex. What we would call “same-sex” relationships (and marriages) are extremely common. Plural and asexual partnerships are also accepted – in fact, it’s considered ideal for young children to have at least three “parents” of any combination of sexes. There are transsexual people in Ambaia, as aligning the body with one’s mental and spiritual needs is seen as a natural part of all-around health.

What psychic abilities do the characters possess? Is it considered commonplace to have them or are they considered special?


Featured Creator G. Pike

I’ve joined a group of epic creators helping each other cross-promoting on Patreon. Each month I’ll be helping another creator to reach their funding goal and provide a special reward (likely exclusive art) if they do. Likewise another creator is helping me and will likewise reward my patreons with an exclusive reward for reaching my funding goal. So it’s a good time to become a Patreon!

My Featured Creator this month is G. Pike who makes comics and wildlife art. Gpike’s main comic is called ‘Title Unrelated’ a queer fantasy webcomic about family, love, friendship and identity. The colourful cast of characters, who are in a freakin’ band, travel to a parallel universe because Mara (the most adorable one, can I say that?) has been kidnapped.

Gpike also really loves birds and creates beautiful illustrations of them and also other comics (mostly about birds) available on gumroad.

But remember kids, all the things like sketches and WIPs are available to patreons who sign up for $1 on gpike’s Patreon page as well as more rewards for higher tiers AND the exclusive reward you will get from me if they meet their funding goal this month.

Blog Maguffins

Copyright Versus Fan Art

Junta Fan Arts 11- share & attribute
‘Junta Fan Arts 11’ Photo by

It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but this is not necessarily true when it comes to the law. All art is to some degree derivative, but where is the line drawn between derivation and theft? Everyone will have drawn Fan Art at some point, as kids if not as adults, we want to draw out favourite characters because we love them. Perhaps we’ll even write stories with them in, because we want more stories, because we want more than what’s already out there. Because we are Fans.

But every time you make Fan Art you are breaching Copyright because you do not own the intellectual property to those characters, concepts or designs. You are not the original artist, nor have they given you permission to copy their work, so you are essentially ‘nicking’ their idea. That’s the letter of the law, but what is the spirit of it? There’s a big difference between lovingly imitating and maliciously stealing.


United Webcomics Secret Santa

secret-santaJoin the United Webcomics Secret Santa!

It’s simple:

Make sure you sign-up by December 8th, you then have 2 weeks to create your Guest Art. Send your Guest Art on or before 23rd December. (The usual way is to post it to the United Webcomics G+ group).



United Webcomics Secret Santa

secret-santaJoin the United Webcomics Secret Santa!

It’s simple:

Make sure you sign-up by December 8th, you then have 2 weeks to create your Guest Art. Send your Guest Art on or before 23rd December. (The usual way is to post it to the United Webcomics G+ group).


BONUS 07: Summer Special 2013

Here it is – the 2013 summer special with all the Epic Fail characters in their swimsuits. This was supposed to go up on the 1st but a combination of migraine and going overboard on the shading delayed it until now.

This is part of the United Webcomics Summer Special where you can go and see many webcomics characters sporting their swimwear. Check it out (you can even see the above image a little larger).

So… would anyone like this as a wallpaper? I will send one to donations of $1 or more. I could use the money as I’m having to move house again!


Sexy Bunny Day 2013

Happy Sexy Bunny Day!

Sexy Bunny Day is a cross-webcomic celebration of Easter – with sexy bunnies! 21 webcomics are participating by posting images of their characters dressed in a bunny costume for easter. A list of the participants is below; visit each to see their awesome bunnies. This is the first annual Sexy Bunny Day (SBD) as organised by United Webcomics.


(FYI – vote image is used as a TWC vote incentive).

So which of Epic Fail’s characters bravely donned a pair of rabbits ears and a fluffy tail? You must be wondering. Is it Amuletts, the red-headed rogue? Or Tinuvielle, the sexy spell-slinger? Maybe Martin the muscular man-muffin? Or Dirk, the attractively brooding Paladin? Why no! It is Clodin, the dare-devil dwarf! He’s short, he’s hairy and he’s dressed as a bunny for your pleasure! (You may argue this doesn’t fall under the remit of ‘sexy bunny’ but he’s trying, okay? And theirs going to be some pervert somewherethat finds him attractive!)

Remember this is an international event so participants may be in different timezones. If someone has not posted their sexy bunny art yet please check back later. A list of all participants is below.

  1. Amy Lets – Epic Fail (No need to click this one – You’re already here!)
  2. Byron Wilkins – 1977 The Comic
  3. Cihan Sesen – Spine
  4. David Shirley | Fera
  5. Hiro Odan – Bridge University
  6. Hushicho – Incubus Tales
  7. J. E. Flint and Eric Flint – The Chronicles of Loth (Maybe)
  8. Jerry McMasters – Webcomic Pete
  9. John Kratky, Tobias Gebhardt, and Stephen Yan – Tales of Hammerfist
  10. Liz Staley – Adrastus
  11. Mark Egan – Back Office
  12. Melissa Stone – Children Of The Tiger
  13. Michael Balistreri – Black Snow Comic
  14. Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls – Lacey investigations
  15. Nate Hammond – Jazz and Jess
  16. Niauropsaka – Raspberry rain
  17. Nick Gonzo – Execution Day
  18. Peter Anckorn – By The Book
  19. Phil and Max – Indifferently Evil
  20. Uncle Greedy – Steampunk Gorgon
  21. Yellowgerbil – Zoe The Vampire
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Epic Fail wins 3rd in TGT Tournament

Last year I went on the TGT Webcomics Podcast to talk about Epic Fail and as a result was put into their yearly Tournament: Episodic Battles, where all the episodes are put head-to-head and voted on to decide which is best. There’s a video of Kurt Sasso announcing the winners below and he does a good job of describing the contestants and the action so I recommend watching it.

I’m going to describe what the TGT Tournament was like for me and Epic Fail. As you’re probably be aware, due to me hassling you for votes over the month of August, there are four rounds. The first three are head-to-heads, one-on-one, mano-a-mano… you get the idea. One webcomic episode must knock out the other, halving the contestants each round. At the beginning there were 40.

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The Drunken Fools Interview – Part 2

The Drunken Fools interview with Antoine Gagnon continues…

Click here if you haven’t read The Drunken Fools Interview – Part 1

Q6: Do you think ‘The Drunken Fools’ encourages or discourages excessive drinking and alcoholism?

A6: Neither of them. The target audience is obviously adults and I believe each one of us has to make their own minds in life.

Q7: Parlez-vous français? What’s it like having a bilingual webcomic and why isn’t it in other languages?

A7: That’s a great question (the 2nd part I mean) 😛

Oui je parle Français. French is my primary language. I actually speak 3 languages: French, English and Drunk… ok, just kidding for the 3rd one 😛

Having a bilingual comic is actually a pain in the neck at times. You can’t simply translate a script from one language to another, you have to adapt it. There are jokes, expressions, sentences that are very hard to translate/adapt due to the context on the story. And this adds more workload: need to write a script in both language and need to letter two pages instead of one (well, 2 separate Layers since I am lettering with a Digital Font) but still a lot of work.

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Drunken Fools Interview – Part 1

Antoine Gagnon takes the hot seat to answer questions about his humour webcomic ‘The Drunken Fools!

Q1: What is ‘The Drunken Fools’ about?

A1: The Drunken Fools is a webcomic where sobriety is overrated.

It all started with four friends in their mid-thirties, refusing to give up their college years of partying and boozing. But, it doesn’t end there for these guys. One of them, Spike, has been assigned a very Guardian Angel called Stubby to right his ways… it just happens to be a very powerful skunk.

Boozing jokes with a bit of fantasy… fiction or reality?

Q2: What’s so funny about being drunk?

A2: Dunno, don’t remember!