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Cosmic Hellcats Interview – Part 1

Writer Chris Maverick (Mav) takes the hot seat to talk about his Science Fiction webcomic  Cosmic Hellcats.

Epic Fail webcomic Interview with Cosmic Hellcats

Mav explains what Cosmic Hellcat Adventures is all about:

Cosmic Hellcats follows the exploits of a scrappy crew of catgirl Science Ninjas as they explore the universe while battling aliens, robots, gigantic four-dimensional children, pirates, monsters, the laws of physics, and their own pathologically destructive tendencies.

The main team consists of: tough as nails leader, Captain Amaya Solace; brilliant but nymphomaniac science officer Dr. Sarah Prankha; adventure loving pilot Lt. Damsel Reed and the homicidal weapons officer with a lolcat speech impediment, Chaste. They’re joined by Andrew, a silent battledroid with an inferiority complex and Fluffy, their sarcastic ship computer as they travel the universe causing as much trouble as they get out of.

Epic Fail webcomic Interview with Cosmic HellcatsOther characters that make appearances include the members of competing units from amongst their allies in the Federated Union of Confederated Kingdoms. The Tactics Espionage and Defense Directorate: Intergalactic Justice Advocates: µ (Four space faring teddy bears: Kennedy, Rooselvelt, Pendergrass and Riley); a fellow Hellcat Unit led by Captain Nikki “Shipwrecks” Kitai and consisting of team members: Bambii, Glover and Ensign Matt; and most recently the Starfoxes, a superpowered special forces team led by Sahara and including members Miaa, Shiima and Trix.

Their primary enemies are the Rigellians, a race of one-eyed reptile people with bunny ears who are amassing a vast empire throughout the universe despite their comical ineptitude. They’ve also encountered Jessi and Junior, a pair of four-dimensional space giants who eat planets and a band of pirates led by the maniacal Captain Arkady and his first mate, Lucy.

Whilst formatted as a joke strip, the stories are serialized with one episode leading into the next, taking one year to tell a complete tale. In addition there’s a weekend strip called Hellcat Cosmos that while not part of the main story is used to tell anecdotal one-panel stories about characters in the Hellcats Universe – frequently characters that haven’t appeared in the main comic as often as we’d like!

Blog Sketches

Fan Art for Children of the Tiger

Kinrou from the webcomic Children of the Tiger. Fan Art by amulettsThis Fan Art is of Kinrou from the Fantasy webcomic Children of the Tiger by Melissa Stone aka purenightshade. I am every grateful to her for being the person to introduce me to the fact there is a webcomics community out there, and I read her webcomic regularly. This version of Kinrou is based off a pin-up she drew of him (you might be able to tell).

In the current storyline he is in a love-triangle with Kishandren and Sahiren, but in order to preserve an element of mystery I will not tell you which one he is in love with. Ha ha!

The story in Children of the Tiger very much hinges on the world, and society, in which it is based. It’s a slow reveal, where we’re gradually given pieces to the puzzle that connect events to wider politics. This is an example of a story that is not happening in a vacuum – the main characters aren’t the only people to exist or indeed the only people who are important. That’s something I like, but I think it’s hard to do. I can’t say whether the script succeeds on every level – all the pieces are not in place yet and the author is still learning.

What I like about the artwork is the bright colours. I’ll be honest: the anatomy isn’t great, but I’m a little guilty of that myself. Actually this put me onto Posemaniacs (which I never heard of before) and is such a useful resource. It basically has 3D models of nudes in all sorts of poses that you can move and practise drawing from different angles. They even include muscle structure. I might post some sketches from their references at some point.

Until then, just enjoy sexy Kinrou.


Epic Fail at the Comix Thing 2010

Next weekend, Saturday the 27th of March, Epic Fail will be exhibiting at the UK web & mini Comix Thing 2010. You’ll be able to get your hands on copies of Epic Fail #1 so hot of the press they’re on fire!  I also hope to be selling my mini-comic Breakfast Surreal, a collection of random and hopefully amusing cartoons by yours truely.  Aside from that there will be hand-made jewelry and original artwork!

I will be sharing table 26 with Rob Cureton of Orful Comics and appearing on a discussion panel on ‘Latest Technology and Webcomics’ at 11am (on the stage area at the back of the hall).  I’ve also contributed 2 pages to the Thing’s Anthology the theme of which is ‘Dinosaurs.’  What will Clodin and Amuletts get up too?

It would be wonderful not to mention suprising if someone who actually read my comic turned up!  This is a really fun convention with lots of talented artists plus me.  So if you’re free on the 27th come along.  Hell, if you’re not free cancel your plans and come along anyway!  It’s totally worth it.

And right after the con I’ll be back to updating. Huzzah!


Webcomic Spotlight: LINT


LINT follows the journey of Sangwine Schloeffle, an exiled elven prince, whose family has been murdered and kingdom usurped by the evil Fang, Overlord of Darkness!

LINT is, and will probably always be, one of my all time favourite comics.  I started reading it when it was still in pencil and the fact that it started out from fairly basic artwork and developed into something much more beautiful is a great inspiration.  For me it is part of the comics charm and those early drawings should never be replaced.

The plot, too, advanced from a light-hearted adventurers jaunt into a complex, well thought out, emotional experience.  Later on the tone becomes more serious, but it still has a sort of tongue-in-cheek irreverence to it.  It has made me laugh and it has made me cry.  The juxtaposition of humour and drama works to heighten them both.  That’s a style I admire and would like to do something similar in my own work.

I’m writing this now because, after five years, the story of LINT is complete.  It’s sad, because I will miss reading it, but also wonderful.  There is satisfaction in completion.  Heaven knows I have experienced the frustration of webcomics that have ended half way through a story!  And hopefully the author, Colby Purcell, will go on to create other things.

Go and read LINT.  It’s made of awesome.


Wish Epic Fail a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Epic Fail!

Epic Fail is one year old today and Amuletts and I are fighting over the cake!  So wish us a Happy Birthday in the comments below and at the end of today I’ll randomly select five people from the commenters to receive a piece of  gift art.  Yes, it’s reverse Birthday – I’m giving the presents!

Thanks to everyone in the webcomics community for a great first year especially those of the Webcomic Planet Collective for being so helpful and supportive.

And if you want to give us a pressent pre-order our first comic book and help raise money to get them printed by our convention in March.  As always, thanks for reading.  I hope this second year will be even better.