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Dead Island Game Review

Dead Island is a Zombie open world role-playing game that whose sunny holiday setting contrasts the usual dark, bleak settings we are used to in horror games. Indeed Banoi Island is quite beautiful and you might take a moment between Zombie killing to take in the fantastic views. The plot it simple: escape the island. Here of course the Island setting comes into its own as an open world as you can explore as much as you wish but there are limits, and you must achieve quest objectives to progress.



Character Sheet style Resume

Resume Character Sheet

This is a Character Sheet style Resume by Sean McNally.  He’s a pretty good artist actually.  You can find page 2 here.  I’m not sure what role-play system it’s based on, if it’s D&D then it’s a different system to the one I play.

If this is the resume just imagine the interview!  I think it would go something like this:

“Mr. McNally?”

Before the man even rose to his feet the interviewer could pin-point him with ease.  He had piggy-eyes, sagging skin and large tusks protruding from his lower jaw.  In one hand he was holding a wacom tablet as if it were a shield, its cable trailing uselessly, and in the other he weilded a .07mm Pacer, its thin tower of lead doing a good impersonation of a filthy hyperdermic.  The interviewer took a step backwards as he lumbered towards her.

“W-won’t you go through to my office please?”