Pg 47: Amuletts Fails a Spot Check

This week in Epic Fail: The gang reunite at an Inn and have drinks (especially Clodin).  Initially Amuletts does not spot Tinuvielle because she is dressed in a drab colored dress clearly designed to cover most of her skin – a big difference from her usual revealing attire.  Amuletts challenges her, pointing out how strange it is and Tinuville admits that her son, Yoru, has made the difference.

Creator’s Commentary: If you’re experiencing deja-vu that’s because I posted this a while back, then decided it was a mistake because I’d missed out a ton of stuff. So now it’s back – in its proper place.

Check back soon: I’ll be posting a Halloween Special.

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Just dropping by to say I added your cameo scene to my gallery with a link back. 🙂 Let me know if you want it to link to the actual scene, I just linked to your front page.

So, of curiosity, is the name Tenuvielle a conscious, unconscious, or accidental Tolkien reference? Whichever way, I approve. Nicely done.

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