Pg 45: 100% Discount

This week in Epic Fail: The Shopkeeper explains that he gave the Orbs to Amuletts, as a gift because of her Title. Dirk feels extremely guilty, believing his actions unpaladinic.

Creator’s Commentary: I’m still inking with a brush-pen, so the line-work is broader and I’ve generally reduced the gap between panels. Plot-wise you get a couple of pay-offs.

Amuletts’ final line in this page was based on one said by Sibella in Kind Hearts and Coronets, only she says ‘I like it when you behave like a cad.’ I love that Movie, and anything by Ealing Studios really. Now I have a hankering to watch it again.

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This… this is kind of depressing. This truly -is- an epic fail. And I’ve never even played as a Paladin. o_o I feel sorry for the dumb bru- er, Paladin.

Interesting background, there.

Paladins are supposed to be Paragons which can lead to them being very hard on themselves because, of course, nobody’s perfect. It can be a very rewarding character class to play though, I’d recommend everybody try it at least once. It’s interesting the different interpretations of justice and fairness in different cultures.

Dirk turned into a jerk.:D At the last panel he’s like:
Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!

Amuletts gonna have her fun someway or another, that depends on how can she annoy/tease Dirk more.:D(Still my favorite of the cast.)

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