Cast of Characters

Martin the Fighter from Epic Fail


Race: Human
Age: 27
Profession: Fighter

Martin is your genuine, honest-to-goodness nice guy, brought up to tell the truth and do the right thing.  Born with exceptional physical strength, and a habit for answering calls for help, adventuring is his natural lifestyle (one might say his destiny)!  However, he is a bit of a ‘dumb blond,’ overly trusting and prone to act before he thinks.

He and Amuletts began their adventuring careers together and are the most experienced members of the group.   They are also close friends.  Having traveled with Amuletts for so long he can see her good points (which are not immediately apparent).  He also trusts her, some would say unwisely.

Amuletts the Rogue / Cleric of Loki from Epic Fail


Race: Sylvan Elf
Age: 156
Profession: Rogue/Cleric

At some point in her past Amuletts met Loki, the Norse God of Fire and Strife.  She swore to serve him in return for her freedom, spells and a magical cloak (which she sold and upgraded).  This was an important event in her life and gave her a unique outlook.

Amuletts is a deceitful, greedy troublemaker.  She believes adversity makes people stronger, therefore she ‘helps’ others by making their lives more difficult, and takes risks herself.  Adventuring is hazardous and lucrative, both positive aspects from her perspective.  Although unpredictable, she can be invaluable, possessing a great deal of skill.  She is strong-willed and values freedom.

Clodin the Dwarf Fighter from Epic Fail


Race: Dwarf
Age: 79
Profession: Fighter

Clodin is an exceptionally tough Dwarf.  He can take a lot of punishment and heals fast.  He is fearless in the face of danger and can rarely be persuaded to retreat.  He adventures because he loves to fight, however he is a poor tactician.  Argumentative and arrogant, he refuses to listen to anyone else because he thinks his judgement is superior.

A terrible experience in his past has given him a deathly fear of birds.

Tinuvielle the Elf Magic-User from Epic Fail


Race: Fae Elf
Age: 120
Profession: Mage

Tinuvielle is an exotic beauty and has the brains to match.  She comes from the City of Mages, which is closed to outsiders in order to preserve its culture – Fae Elves being somewhat rare – and therefore maintains an air of mystery.  It was a somewhat sheltered environment, protected against threats from outside by the powerful enchantments on which Fae Elves pride themselves.  Tinuvielle is therefore somewhat innocent and naïve.

Dedicated to the arcane arts she is adventuring to gain practical experience and discover more about magic.  She is compassionate and caring towards others.  Though physically fragile her beauty and charm inclines others to protect her.

Dirk the Paladin from Epic Fail


Race: Human
Age: 21
Profession: Paladin

Dirk is a holy warrior of exemplary skill, having undergone many years of rigorous training to achieve his respected position.  Sworn to uphold the laws and values of his God, his purpose in adventuring is to destroy evil and prevent wrongdoing. However he is young and rather foolish.

He is often frustrated by Amuletts who has opposing beliefs and frequently challenges him.

Yoru the Half-Demon Boy from Epic Fail


Race: Half-Demon
Age: 6 Months

Yoru is Tinuvielle’s son. He’s of Demon heritage and maturing at an incredible rate. Raised by the Temple of Guan Yin he has been taught a credo of complete pacifism. He is inquisitive and a quick study. People are wary of him, unsure of how he may surprise them.