Why is the comic called ‘Epic Fail’?

It’s based on a long-running D&D campaign which became known as the ‘Epic Campaign’ because of its longevity – over 10 years and still running. Epic Fail is a gamer term which confers chaos and hilarity; it seemed to fit.
Heroes are not defined by how they deal with sucess but how they cope with failure.

What does Epic Fail mean?


Can my kids read this comic?

Epic Fail is recommended for mature teens (16+) and childish adults. It is innuendo heavy and largely aimed at adults. Young children should not read this comic. Some pages are age restricted.

Where is the next update? Why is it taking so long?

I do not make money with my comic which relegates it to a hobby so I cannot always prioritise it (hopefully this will not always be the case). At the moment I am posting each page once a week or, more commonly,  as soon as it is finished, whichever comes first. You can see my progress in the right-hand sidebar under ‘Next Update’. If there is to be a major change/hiatus I will make an announcement.

They do take a lot of timefor me to make particularly since I work alone so I do the writing, the drawing, coloring, shading and everything else that needs to be done. Commercial comics, such as those made by Marvel, have a team of people working on them full-time.

Why does the Art drastically change half way through?

I go back into the archive and color/shade the pages in more detail. Eventually every page will look like this but it takes the time and cannot be rushed. I initially post pages in just flat colors in order to keep a reasonable update schedule and I announce in the blog when a page has been replaced with a new, updated version.

I don’t understand what’s happening in panel/page x

Epic Fail is an ongoing story which means you may not understand what’s going on from a single page alone. What’s happening may relate to a past event or be something of a mystery to be unfolded in the future. Context is important; I usually describe/comment on each page in the notes underneath which might help if you’ve forgotten stuff in the time between updates, and sometimes contains links to where people or objects have appeared before. If in doubt just ask in the comments below.

If people need to read the notes to understand your comic why is it a comic not a novel?

People don’t need to read the notes, in fact my main reason for writing them is to make the Search Engines happy, not my visitors (Search Engines like words, not pictures. I love the search engines because they bring new readers to my site). Everything you need to understand the comic is in the comic; the notes are a bonus.

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