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Diablo 3 release = EPIC FAIL

So Diablo III was launched at Midnight yesterday after one of the biggest game launches in history rivaling the MMO World of Warcraft. We’re talking two million pre-orders (the most ever for a PC game) and eight thousand launch events worldwide. Over 1000 fans were queuing for the game in Oxford Street alone.

So what happened? In short: The launch was an abject failure. The high traffic from so many players logging on all at the same time not only crashed the server but also the gaming forum as players flocked to it to find out what the hell was happening!

Diablo 3 Error 37: Epic Fail

The problem was caused because Blizzard – in an effort to combat piracy – required everyone to log into its server, even those who wanted to play a single player game, in order to authenticate. Unfortunately this meant that all most players got when trying to play Diablo 3 was Error Message 37: ‘The servers are busy at this time; please try again later.’ This upset millions of Blizzard fans some of which had taken the day off work for the game’s launch.

Surely Blizzard should have been anticipated this kind of traffic and made sure they had the capacity to handle it. But no. This was a total and complete Epic Fail: all that hype over the game only for it NOT TO WORK when it was launched!

One tweeter said: “Diablo 3 is super hard. I’ve been playing for 30 minutes and haven’t even defeated the login screen!”

Boy am I glad I decided I’d play through Diablo 1 & 2 before moving on to Diablo 3. Will they have their problems sorted out by then do you think?

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I think they will because whatever higher up over there will realize that they need to have more servers online. I’m sure someone did warn them, but they were being cheap. Bottom line, it’s 2012…With proper planning you should not have scaling issues on servers. IF you did have some emergency then you should able be able to bring on a new server within minutes literally minutes and just keep bringing on more and more servers til the issue is over. If that runs you a little more money than you expected so be it…Scale back down later. Servers these days are cheap and billed per hour they are used and then bandwidth usage. If they did it properly they wouldn’t have these issues. It’s totally their fault and I can’t  be sympathetic at all. It’s one of the most irresponsible things I think I’ve ever seen. I could forgive the occasional latency issue or if the servers were down for a few minutes while they brought in more juice…But it wasn’t that. It was down and down hard. A “professional” company should never be caught in that position. Someone should be fired over this and Blizzard should apologize formally and perhaps even offer some bonus in game content as well.

They probably will officially after this week. They don’t want to have to keep apologizing…They will want to ensure things are more solid and then also determine what, if anything, they are going to do for their players.

They need to return everyones money and fire everyone inside this company due to this failure they call a video game. Its been what, 12 years we have been waiting only to be given this piece of shit.. I have played better video games created by one sole person. Blizzard will never get any more money out of me. Never again will I play a game created by this company… I would rather play Runescape than this game.. There is plenty of people that would say the same,, Thanks blizzard for ruining this game series for us! Great job!

I agree 100%.  I’m so disappointed about all of this,I’m probably more sad than angry, lol.  I’ll be checking out Torchlight 2 when it releases (original Diablo designer’s game); the only thing I don’t like about it are the graphics from what I can tell.  But, if it turns out to be badass…well, then badass it is.

No Necromancer, they say “completed class” until im inside a giant lumbering gargantuan skeletal-on rending its claws in a meleed gore zombie commanding frenzy, screw blizzard and its unoriginal cooki cutting laziness, bloating from its wealth and ego, Blizzard NORTH made all the original hits we love,  not these impostors who made wow. 

1) Halved player cap from 8 to 4.2) Removed customizability of both attribute AND skill point placement.3) Removed ability to travel to previous Acts in a single game.4) Reduces level cap from 99 to 60, making reaching to a certain level mandatory for standard play.5) And of course the atmosphere, which I personally like better, but I undoubtly acknowledge it’s “less diablo” and has no real benefit to justify it. 

D3 uses WoW’s engine. 2d spell effects in 2012 is also criminal and lazy. Blizzard did the bare minimum to make this game. 
People with Gateways from 2002 get to enjoy the game and money is greater than putting out beautiful, large, fulfilling games. 

Bring Back creators and staff who were working on the unfinished diablo III ORIGINAL game,  wold have been better than this, perhaps not as glowy in some areas but definatly all diablo. 

Also, the ending sucks, the storyline is dumbed down.
I do not think D3 is anywhere near as good a game as D2. D3 is a WOW inspired action game that has been stripped of all depth, choice and consequence. All that is left to make it a good game is itemization and it fails completely at that, especially since all skills scale off of weapon DPSIt is just dull. There are a lot of good elements to the game, but in an effort to make it more approachable and more casual and appeal to the MMO fans, they have stripped the game of any soul. 

Blizzard NORTH come back!

Information has been quoted from this post: 

I was worried from the start that Diablo 3 would be too similar to WoW. TBH I’ve noticed a general trend towards dumbing down computer games (I just finished Skyrim). Remember when they used to be challenging? 

I do tend to favour retro gaming for that reason, also the anti-piracy stuff is annoying because more and more it inconveniences people who have actually paid a LOT of money to get the product and this is a classic example. When running legitimate software is actually HARDER than pirating it are you really discouraging piracy Blizzard?

heh, easy to get into a rant over this isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂

 You got that in reverse… the worst thing here is that Diablo 3 development impacted WOW and took it down… remember the Druid ability to throw insect swarms?  Wasn’t alway the case, appeared in a patch a while back in the early development when the two classes Barbarian and Witch Doctor were in the pipeline.  The skill trees in Wow kept on pairing down as Diablo 3 evolved.  Basically, Blizzard not only created a shitty sequel and killed a game of legend, they took down their other masterpiece with it… Says a lot. Won’t play D3 for long. As soon as I am finished discovering the storyline, I’m out. Never to play another Blizzard game again.  Fool me once… shame on you… Fool me twice : shame on me… and I feel very ashamed I gave in buying D3 when it was obvious it would be bad witnessing how WOW went.

Wow that seriously is Epic Fail if it’s dragging down TWO games. I know subscriptions for WOW have fallen in the past year so something must be up. 

(I don’t actually play WOW because I get a bit addicted to video games therefore seemed sensible to steer clear of the Crack.)

This post sums up a few of my feelings on it.  Quite frankly, I’m pretty pissed.  If we give ourselves 2 years for D2 (released in 2000), 10 years is a long time to wait for an utter failure of a sequel.  IMO, D3 is *completely* unoriginal!  As the OP stated above, there’s just no soul.

Online only single-player?  Gimme a break!  If piracy was really that important to them (and I believe it is an important issue), certainly a way could be made for people to play offline – but unable to play it offline until it has gone through an online authentication process…or something.  I do remember at one point reading from Blizz that part of the reason for the online only gameplay was because of the real world currency for the auction house – which is a bogus cop-out, because there would be no auction house is a single player game!Now…I’m more anxious than ever to see what Torchlight 2 has to offer; at I least I know that game has an original Diablo mind behind it, and it’s made for the fans, and for the sake of a great game.

Hmmm… What do you think is faster:
– putting up new servers
– creating Diablo pen&paper?

If you pay for a game you should be able to play on your time and not when it is convenient for Blizzard.

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