Diablo 3 Meme – A Comedy of Errors

Diablo III not only epic failed on launch when all the servers crashed but has had problems ever since. Blizzard had to issue and apology to angry fans and released a server-side patch fixing over 30 bugs just a few days ago. Aside from fixing bugs it also nerfed the abilities of some characters classes. Recently Blizzard announced that the release of the real money auction house, originally expected May 22nd, then pushed back to the 29th, has been delayed indefinitely in order to fix errors in the system before the release.

Usually I’d say ‘Nevermind, the modding community will soon have it sorted out!’ but sadly Mods are not only unsupported by Diablo 3 but “expressly forbidden” (I say sadly because I like Mods, I think they make bad games good and good games superb). This is to stop potential exploits of the real money auction once it is implemented, it’s also the reason for forcing all players to be online at all times even in single player mode (so if you don’t have a stable internet connection that’s just too bad). In addition players who have finished the game have criticized it for being too short. Some say that for a game this over-hyped disappointment is only to be expected.

But one thing Geeks of the Internet know how to do is make lemon out of lemonade, or, to put it another way, make Memes out of stuff that annoys them. So I hereby give you the most amusing pics that have come out of the Diablo III Meme:

Diablo 3 "Execute Error 37"

One Does Not Simply Log Into Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Facepalm

Diablo 3 Servers

Diablo 3 - Did not buy

Diablo 3 Gameplay Meme

"I took an Error 37 to the the Diablo 3"

Can we stop bitching about the game and enjoy playing it now?

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