Sexy Bunny Day 2015

Sexy Bunny Day is an event run by United Webcomics that brings comic creators together to draw their characters as sexy bunnies.

When Epic Fail last participated it was the dwarf, Clodin, who donned pink bunny ears. If you want to see what that was like it’s this month’s vote incentive. Since this years is more on the comedic side than the risqué I decided to post it straight. This means I probably won’t get as many votes as I usually do during an event but if you like the art and find it funny please consider sharing it on the socials.

So, the narrative here is that a polymorph spell has gone wrong turning Tinuvielle into a Sexy Bunny! …Or at least a kind of Furry Elf/Bunny-cross, mutant thing. But it gets worse: she now has the sex drive of a rabbit (hence the sexy part). Plus other characters have been transformed as well!

Happy Easter from Epic Fail.

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