Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day. Once more Epic Fail and a whole bunch of other comic creators are coming together (heh) to provide you with nude character art, thereby making your Valentine’s Day a little extra special.

This years character to get naked is Minerva, Cleric of Idun. You would be forgiven for thinking she never wears clothes, since she has not been seen in them very often! She does like to get close to nature and is very comfortable with her body. Minerva has a pair of Great Tits.

Yes I am going outside the regular cast now. No one is safe!

For those of you who might be concerned and wondering why the comic stopped updating it’s because I have chronic migraine, depression and anxiety (they are the best of pals)! Turns out that being in pain a lot is dreadful for your MH, and contrary to popular belief depression does not make you more creative; it’s like The Nothing from the Neverending story and simply eats everything. Your support is appreciated.

Now go fort and visit all the other comics involved in the Valentine’s Day Sex Draive. Gotta catch ’em all (in the nude)!
But bear in mind some may be a bit more adult.

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2019

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