Baby, it’s cold outside

My little corner of England seems mightily cold at the moment.  It snowed a few days ago, lightly.  Now there’s just this wonderful frost clinging to everything.  Seen in the short hours of daylight it’s incredable.  Magival.  Even the most boring thing looks beautiful with white crystals.  On Thurday there was low cloud so every thing was shrouded in a cyan-tinged mist.

Everyone complains, but I’m happy, wrapped up in my layers with waterproofs from head to toe.  I’d rather have this than the grey rain we usually have in winter.

I just bought a new saddle for my bicycle.  Actually it’s a Christmas pressent from my Parents, they gave me the money so I could choose one for myself.  Thanks Mum and Dad!  My old one absorbed water, not that bad since I wear waterproof trousers whilst riding it, but in this weather it turned to ice.  Kinda painful to sit on!  I’m very pleased to have the new one; it is wide, padded and sprung.

I bought new gloves this week too:  insultated, waterproofed, with rough ‘grips’ on the palms.  I thoughroughly reccommend everything waterproof.  You can say “I’m prepared” and stick two fingers up to the British weather.  Supprise storm?  Ha!

All I need to complete my invulnerability to winter is get one of those Buff scarves, or a neck warmer, so I can wear it over my nose and mouth.

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