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Star Wars: Empire Uncut Released & they included my scene!


The Star Wars Uncut project is a massive fan collaboration to remake the Star Wars movies. This crowd-sourced project started in 2009 when Star Wars: A New Hope was cut up into segments, lasting only a few seconds each, and divided amongst thousands of fans to remake in anyway they chose, then stitched back together again! This amazingly creative project won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media in 2010.

In 2012 The Empire Strikes Back Uncut was launched. 2 years and 2000 submissions later it is complete and available for your viewing pleasure at, and YouTube in the form of a ‘Directors Cut’ where the best scenes are edited together to create a full movie.

I, Amy Letts, created a scene which was accepted and included in Empire Uncut: Directors Cut. I’m really proud to be a part of this amazing project! I made my scene using 2D stop-motion animation with original art in Oil Pastel (backgrounds) and photoshop. I have not done a lot of animating, but it was fun to have a go and I’m happy my scene was used.

Amy Letts’ Art from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Uncut:

X-Wing leaving Dagobah by Amy Letts
X-Wing leaving Dagobah by Amy Letts
Yoda from Empire Uncut by Amy Letts
Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back: Uncut by Amy Letts
Star Wars Cloud City by Amy Letts
Star Wars Cloud City by Amy Letts

You can watch my scene below or go and watch the whole of The Empire Uncut: Directors Cut

“There is another”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 335 from Amy Letts on Vimeo.

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