Pg 41: Busted

This week in Epic Fail: One of the Orbs which Amuletts has been hiding under her top falls out and lands at Dirk’s feet. He pulls her up by the hair and demands to know if it is stolen property.

Creator’s Commentary: Triple pun in the title of this one! Busted – get is? As in slang for caught out/in trouble, as well as broken and boobs (i.e. big-busted). Triple-whammed!! I’m quite proud of that.

If you can’t figure out where she got the Orbs from I shall think you a simpleton..

When they first appeared I had no inkling that this would happen, they were just there and it was perfectly natural that Amuletts should take them and perfectly obvious where she would hide them. I conceived several scenarios whereby Dirk would (or wouldn’t) find out, including them being Orbs of Audibility which suddenly start ‘talking’.

Frame 5 is very similar to how my Parents discipline the dogs when they have been naughty: grabbing them by the scruff of the neck (or hair in the case of Amuletts) and dragging them over to be shown what they have done.

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Oh dear, oh dear. ^^; It’s been a while since I saw those, and I had quite forgotten about them. There are going to be problems, aren’t there? Dirk is likely to be extra angry because of the way she got him to leave her to commit the robbery, I’d wager…
I’m surprised at Amuletts. Surely an experienced thief should have a better place to hide big gemstones than in her brazier.

Not trying to sound all smart or anything, but I did figure she was after those baubles and not the necklace during that panel – rogues are so fun to play, and rogue / illusionists are even better (which is my assumption on Amuletts class) on the other hand, playing party cop with the pally can be fun too. Groups with inner squabbling are so much fun – you guys must have such a great time gaming together. btw, great comic thus far, i’ll be adding it to my list of comics i catch up on regularly. ~peace be with you, if that fails… bring the Vylance

We do have a fantastic time gaming together, I’m really into the role-playing as I’m sure you can tell. I’ve fleshed out Dirk’s character a lot from what it was though, it was very bare-bones.

Amuletts is actually a Theif / Cleric of Loki (a totally non-standard, specialised Cleric), so she has the core clerical spells and those related to fire and strife. I think Loki’s Avatar in the Deities & Demigods is an Illusionist, so she gets ‘Phantasmal Force’ as an innate along with produce flame, ‘cos, y’know, Fire God! She has disadvantages to ballance her bonuses such as being worse at Turning Undead.

I’m trying to reveal her various skills slowly, as part of the plot. Being multi-class makes her rather more complicated than the other characters. There’s a rather nice story about how she became a Cleric that’ll be told to Yoru later. Yay flashbacks!

Glad to have a new reader, especially a commenty one. I’m coloring the background for the next page. I bet you can’t guess what happens next!

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