Pg 71: Intimidation Check

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle threatens Amuletts with mime (now that is scary).

Creator’s Commentary: Before you ask, yes, Tinuvielle actually did this during a D&D game. It wasn’t just the one time either. It was actually pretty intimidating.

Is it me or does the sky look like a lava pit from hell? It’s supposed to be a sunset. Think I should tone it down?

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I could see how that would be scary.

The problem with the sky is that sunsets don’t look like that.  The sky is reddish near the sun as it’s going down but the colors fad to orange and yellow the farther away you get.  The eastern sky is a normal evening blue fading to black as the sun goes down.

Fool! Everyone knows, that Windows 8 is best at hindering productivity of all flavours of Windows! That’s what we call a self induced Epic Fail…

I didn’t know what would be compatible and what wouldn’t until I tried it. It turned out to be incompatible with my Graphics Tablet, my Graphics Card and my Scanner. Wait a minute! I think I see a theme here.

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