Webcomic WAR! video appeal

I’ve made an animated video as a final appeal in these last few promoting days of Frumph’s WAR! This week we can only gain points for promotion done outside the webcomics community, so I’m hoping this’ll get spread around different blogs and websites. Viral videos FTW!
This is my first attempt at lip-syncing. It didn’t go too badly :p
I had some technical difficulties with this, but Dungeonwarden helped me.
I’d also like to thank Dave Brendon for reposting this video alongside a review on his weblog. Cheers!


Please help me win the webcomic WAR!

warboxbannerI have joined Frumphs WAR! which is a promotional competition between webcomics. I joined it late, so I’m very behind. This is an appeal to you to help me to win it!


Copy this and paste it somewhere:

HELP Epic Fail, a comedic fantasy webcomic, to win Frumph’s WAR! Go to – please copy this message and pass it on 🙂

You can also:

Tell your friends about this great webcomic you found called Epic Fail at Pop it into twitter or messenger!
Link to from your website, blog or anywhere on the internet. Even add it to your forum signatures.
• Add to your social bookmarks. There are handy buttons below every post on the website to make it quick and easy.
Write something about the Epic Fail webcomic. It can be anything, but reviews or interviews are good.

It helps if you tell me what you have done. If you have other methods I have not listed to help promote my webcomic please get in touch and let me know what it is.

Thankyou so much!