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Movie Review: Dungeons & Dragons 2 – Wrath of the Dragon God

After the atrocity of Dungeons & Dragons the Movie it’s doubtful whether any sequel ever had lower expectations than this. Fortunately things could only get better. Wrath of the Dragon God could not be more different from its predecessor, and it’s gratifying to see criticism being used constructively.

Mages casting spells

Set in Ismer a century on the city is unrecognisable, but Damodar, the blue-lipped henchman (minus the blue lips) and only recurring character (played by Bruce Payne), plans to destroy it. It seems Jeremy Irons cursed him with undeath (justification for blue lips if ever I heard one) so Damodar, seeking revenge, locks him in a room with the first movie playing on a continual loop recovers the magical Orb of Thingamabob to awaken the sleeping Dragon God.

Pg 23: Taking in the Scenery

This week in Epic Fail: The Cleric of Guan Yin leads Tinuvielle to the Matriarch.  Exciting, huh?

Creator’s Commentary:This page is pretty indulgent.  I just wanted to show off the pretty Temple.  This seems like an opportune moment to thank purenightshade of Children of the Tiger for all the reference photos she provided me with.  Cheers!

A great deal of incense in burnt in these temples, hence all the smoke. Note that the Matriarch is relating the tale of the Thousand-Hand Guan Yin, the subject of my Art Interlude.

EDIT: Uploaded new, fully shaded version of this page.

Pg 22: Most Unusual

This week in Epic Fail: Clerics of Guan Yin stream out of the temple to heal the injured in the aftermath of the explosion.  One heals Tinuvielle of her burns who explains she has come to see her son, Yoru.  The cleric reacts to the name with some alarm, worrying Tinuvielle who demands to know what is wrong.  The young Cleric says she will take her to the Matriarch, and we learn that Yoru is not a normal baby.
Creators Commentary: Where the Clerics hand is supposed to be doing a blessing it is actually doing ‘The Shocker.’  This is completely unintentional but may it give joy to all of you with dirty minds!