Pg 82: The Ring of Fire

This week in Epic Fail: In retrospect stepping through that portal was a really bad idea.

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This really happened in our D&D game. Blame the guy who wrote “All adventurers arrive completely naked and devoid of special equipment.” Not that I mind a bit of nudity 😉

It was interesting doing the different body types, especially Jira as a muscular woman, and Dalion, the wrinkly Halfling. Oh, yes, and Humans have body hair, Elves not so much. It’s in the Player’s Handbook that Elves are hairless except on their heads.

Pg 52: Please & Thankyou

This week in Epic Fail: Martin puts an end to the banter about aledged Elven / Dwarven homosexuality and back to the business at hand, namely finding the key to open Kasper’s Spellbook.

Creator’s Commentary: … Um…

Pg 20: Elves Drool

Tinuvielle completes her journey to the Temple of Guan Yin.  She has changed transport many times to get there, and is currently sleeping.  There’s an old man in the carriage who tells a young boy to rouse her.  The boy is scared because “she looks dead.”  The old man has a chuckle at his expense and tells him that elves do things differently.

In D&D elves aren’t supposed to sleep, but meditate instead.  I’ve always thought of this as patently ridiculous.  They do sleep, they just want to appear better than everybody else so they call it meditating!  And do it with their eyes open.  And drool occasionally.