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Character Design: Lan

Last character design for Epic Fails old adventuring party – those who passed the torch to our current crew. The next time you see them they will be in the comic!

This is Lan, Human Fighter who wields a Bastard Sword. He was young and inexperienced and I’ve tried to make his appearance reflect this. He is wearing chain mail, not having been around long enough to pick up some really good armor. I went with a classic medieval style hairstyle for him.

Lan - D&D Human Fighter

It’s sort of a challenge to make each character look distinctive, but fun too! Do you think I have succeeded?

Art Blog Drawings

Character Design: Willi Creutsfeld

This is Willi Creutzfeld, high-level Fighter and original leader of the adventuring party (the position has been in dispute, or just plain neglected, ever since). He hailed from a place called Brighton Pierre and for a while that was our default rendezvous point.

I have his Player to than for buying me my first set of D&D dice; I remember he was quite superstitious about his and hated people touching them, therefore I’d deliberately aim to borrow his (yet is is only by playing Amuletts that my full potential as wind-up-merchant is unleashed)!

I’ve dressed him in Plate Armor, which I’m pretty sure is correct, although I may regret all that detail later on. I wanted to make him look experienced and leader-ish. What I find a bit awkward with designing suits of armor is that traditionally they would have a MASSIVE CODPIECE! If I’m being faithful I ought to include it but they are… a little… distracting? I don’t think anyone would be looking at the characters face! Actually you don’t tend to see them in Fantasy Armors so I feel there’s a precedent for omitting it. Then again his name is Willi…

Epic Fail character Design

Right, four down, one to go!