Pre-Order Epic Fail #1 (please)?

On the 27th of March this year I will be taking Epic Fail to The UK web & mini Comix Thing.  It will be my first time as an exhibitor so I am both excited and nervous.  And, of course, if I’m going to show at a Comics Convention I will need some comics!  That’s where you can help out.  By pre-ordering your copy now, in advance, it will help pay for the printing costs.  In addition to the 32-page full-colour comic book everyone who pre-orders will also get a unique, signed sketch, free, as a thank you.  If I raise enough to make buttons, etc. I’ll be throwing them in as well!

I’m working on improving the pages for print – shading them all, fixing spelling mistakes, continuity errors and generally making them pretty.  Oh!  And I have to make a cover, a proper cover, not just a bit of interior artwork stuck on the front!  There will be 30 pages of story and 2 of bonus content.  I’m hoping they’ll be off to the printers sometime in February.

Come along loyal readers – Epic Fail needs you!  Pre-Order your copy today! (please?)