Pg 55: Funny Joke!

This week in Epic Fail: Simone offers a substantial reward if the adventurers will accept the quest, but Dirk wants no reward, only to do good.

Creator’s Commentary: So it turns out Dirk has a great sense of humor and is really the joker in the pack!

I enjoyed doing the ‘friendly arm punch/shut-the-hell-up punch.’ I like my characters to be physical. I blame William Shatner and his touchy-feely acting in Star Trek.

And if you too would like to speak Pig Latin there is an English to Pig Latin Translator!

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Movie Review: The Gamers

The Gamers is an Independently produced comedy by Dead Gentleman Productions, and focuses on a group of student role-play gamers (I can confidently say they are playing Dungeons & Dragons – I recognise the books). It fully embraces the concept of this being a game and interchanges between the game-world and the real-world, which adds much of its humour. The Gamers succeeds in accurately showing what the experience of gaming is like: to the outside viewer just a bunch of nerds sitting around a table, but once you enter that imaginative world you see it is much more, and a ton of fun!

Role-players sitting around a table from the movie The Gamers

The Movie is very much carried by its humour, the plot itself isn’t very robust being a basic defeat the villain, rescue the Princess cliché but nonetheless serves as a good vehicle. Likewise the characters are very stereotypical but that’s okay because it’s what the movie is making fun of.