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Labyrinth Movie Review

Labyrinth is very difficult for me to review, it being my favourite movie of all time (my second is Logan’s Run), but I felt it was time. This can be my tribute to the late David Bowie who must be remembered for his incredible role in this as Jareth the Goblin King as well as his music legacy.



Webcomic Spotlight: Cosmic Hellcat Adventures


Who gave these people a spaceship and are they out of their minds? They have guns! GUNS for heavens sake! I wouldn’t trust them with a pair of scissors! But thankfully they’re in a webcomic, so you can enjoy the madness and mayhem in the comforting glow of your own monitor.

Amaya, Chaste, Damsel and Sarah are four feisty, forthright felinoids (cat-people to you and me) who make up the Science Ninja Action Team known as the Cosmic Hellcats. They are a group of notorious trouble-makers and rules-breakers, pursuing their individual agendas rather than working together to get things done. But their chaotic tactics give them the advantage because no one can guess their next move! They’re out to paint the Universe red, stick a finger up at authority and speak to the rebel in all of us.

If you thought Star Trek was dull and skirts weren’t short enough then this is the comic for you! The current storyline is Ninjas vs. Pirates.