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Movie Review: Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass is an irreverent pulp-style movie you’ll either get extremely offended by or like… a lot. It’s in-your-face, non-pc, and ultra-violent. So basically, if that’s not your bag, stay well clear. The film was independently produced by Matthew Vaughn alongside Mark Millar’s creator-owned comic book, so there is bags of creator input and cross-over with zero interference or censorship.

Unfortunately in some countries Kick-Ass was rated PG-13 and promoted in trailers as a light-hearted teen flick. This is outrageously misleading and I don’t know who in their right minds would classify it as anything less than an 18. We’re talking graphic violence and something like 250 hardcore profanities. It’s adult content; kids should not see it. Period.


Webcomic Spotlight: Hard Graft

Alan Corbett is a mysterious, calculating, lone-wolf who enjoys killing people in interesting ways. When he rescues kidnapped journalist Kathy Easter she is dragged into his world – and so are we! Gritty violence mixed with real-world politics and international intrigue, Hard Graft is an exciting adventure for mature readers (18+).

The Author, Peter Vine, is a fellow Brit and member of the Webcomic Planet Collective. We recently attended the same convention. Anyone meeting him might be forgiven for becoming slightly uneasy as he reels off detailed explanations on weaponry and homicide. ‘Write what you know’ they say. Peter Vine knows his subject matter. Don’t mess with him.

The artwork, by Germἁn Erramouspe and Jules Rivera respectively, is realistic and detailed. As a fan of the silent page, where actions (as opposed to dialogue) speak, I really appreciate pages like this one. Black-and-white, with deep shadows, it suits the mood and translates beautifully into print. Check it out!