Vote for your Favorite Badge Designs

I’m planning on getting some button badges made up to bring to Conventions; I’ll also be selling them in packs of 4 via my online store. It’d really help me out if you could tell me your favorites. Look at the pictures below and vote for the four you like best. The ones that get the most votes will be the ones that get made up – simple as that.

If you want a badge design that isn’t there or want to suggest other cool Epic Fail products please tell me in the comments below.

1) Amuletts
2) Clodin
3) D20 showing a 1
4) Dirk
5) Epic Fail Logo
6) Martin
7) Tinuvielle
8) Yoru
9) Epic Fail (Text only)
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Pg 13: Party Politics

This Week in Epic Fail: The party take a vote to decide who will become the leader.  They foolishly leave Amuletts with the deciding vote, who promptly asks who will bid for it.  Dirk is horrified, but Amuletts maintains she is staying true to the spirit of politics.

Creator’s Commentary: Trying to draw Amuletts rubbing her hands together was sheer hell.  You may wonder why Tinuvielle and Dirk voted the way they did.  Well, Dirk is banking on dwarves reputations for being lawful, and Tinuvielle believes she has Martin wrapped around her little finger.