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Look! I’m in a Card Game!

It’s arrived! I pre-ordered the WAGON Webcomic Battle ‘Geek Deck’ and it’s finally here with six cards illustrated by yours truly. They’re great cards with cool powers that trow a little chaos into the game 😉


The Geek Deck is themed around the power of the Geek, which is to combine the forces of deceptively weak-looking characters and use unothodox strategy to overcome seemingly unbeatable opponents. Truly in this dawn of a new begining, the Geek shall inherit the Earth.

The Geek Deck includes cards from the webcomics:

AdrastusEpic Fail (that’s me!)Cartridge
Zorphbert & FredSilent PirateEvil Plan

I’m really proud to share a project with such an amazing group of creators!

Now lets look at the cards:

Art Blog Comic Art

Martin’s Magnetic Attraction

Martin of Epic Fail by Amy Letts

Card Art of Martin for the WAGON Webcomic Battle collectable cardgame. Admittedly I might have gone a bit overboard on this one… fun though!

Martin is very charismatic and attracts attention wherever he goes, he also attracts trouble like flies to shit (which may explain why Amuletts hangs around with him). Nobody is quite sure why but there is no denying it!

Basically Martin reflects the luck of his player. I don’t know whether any other gaming groups have a player that the dice always seem to pick on? We do and it’s Martin. If there’s a random roll to see who a monster will attack: it’s Martin. If there’s there’s a random encounter during the night who’ll be on watch? Martin. If there’s a beautiful maiden -or ugly bugbear- who’ll win it’s heart? Fill in the blank: _ _ _ _ _ _ (Clue – it begins with ‘M’).

Blog Epic Fail Related News & Announcements

2012 News

Okay there’s a number of subjects covered in this post so I’ve used subheading.


Good news everyone! The Comic Creator’s for Freedom Wallpaper raised a staggering $7,500 for charity. If you participated in the fundraiser give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for striking a blow against human trafficking. Did you spot Amuletts amongst the snowball throwers yet?

Comic Creators For Freedom

By the way posters of this years wallpaper as well as those from previous years is available here with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.


Some of you might have noticed that Epic Fail blacked out last month on January 18th along with over 200,000 other sites including Wikipedia as part of the ‘Stop SOPA and PIPA’ protest. Sorry for the inconvenience but it was to demonstrate the devastating effect these bills could have on the internet if they were passed. Well it had a big effect with senators dropping their support for the bill like a hot potato!


In case you didn’t know the big thing about the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ and the ‘Protect Intellectual Property Act’ was that websites would only need to be SUSPECTED of supporting piracy or infringing copyright to be SHUT DOWN. Which totally goes against the principal of innocent until proven guilty! And the definition of ‘supporting Piracy’ was very broad, such as TALKING about it. It would have given the American Government the power to just take down sites it didn’t like, implementing political censorship and denying our freedom of speech. Thank GOD the protest was effective because there was a great deal of support for the bills beforehand. We must continue to be vigilant and fight to protect our freedoms.


Now Valentines Day will be here soon and I along with several other webcomic artists will be participating in the ‘Valentines Day Sex Drive!’ Started by Stef of Sarah Zero in 2005 all the VDSD involves is drawing a nude picture of one of your original characters and posting it on Valentines Day. So I’ll be doing that and linking to the others so that all you perves can look (don’t worry, it’ll be behind a cut to protect innocent eyes).


In other news I’m kinda skipping the Small Press Conventions this year – my plan is to concentrate on my online audience which is, after all, a lot bigger than the handful of readers I get to meet IRL. And you’ve been missing out on the merch! So I’m going to set up an online store and start offering it to you along with some new stuff, then if I do rejoin the convention scene it’ll be with altogether much cooler stuff. Is there anything you’d like to see?


OnyxSparrow has invited Epic Fail to be part of the next Wagon Webcomic Battle deck of collectible playing cards – and I have accepted with great enthusiasm. WAGON is a battling card game where the players do battle against each other using the characters and plot devices from webcomics! I love gaming! We’re planning some completely epic cards so I’m really excited about it.


I’ve also started doing a few more Webcomic Interviews and am planning to make it a regular thing. So if you have a cool webcomic and would like to be interviewed by email let me know.

Another thing I’m thinking of doing for the blog is a ‘Fail of the Week’ where I choose my favourite picture that’s turned up under the Epic Fail meme that week. ‘Cos I did promise extra fail didn’t I?


I decided to try out Project Wonderful because my Palace in the Sky Ad Box (a webcomic traffic exchange thingy) broke. So if you want to advertise on Epic Fail – do it! It actually seems to be working pretty well so far and I’ve decluttered the sidebar a bit so if anything it should be slightly less intrusive.  But let me know if any of the ads are really irritating and I’ll give them the boot.

That’s all for now folks! Thank you for reading and supporting Epic Fail.

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Prepare to Die Interview – Part 2

The Prepare to Die interview with Michael Dellheim continues, now on the subject of the WAGON Webcomic Battle Card Game.

Click here if you haven’t read the Prepare to Die Interview – Part 1

Do you have any hidden talents?

Oh I have many hidden talents, like… um… actually I can’t think of anything specific. Maybe my hidden talent is the ability to pull things out of nowhere when people least expect it of me. My talents are so hidden that I don’t even know I have them half the time! Like a magician! Or a ninja!! A Ninja Magician!!!

… yeah I’m not buying it either.

Wagon Webcomic Battle Card GameIn fact you’ve invented your own card game! What is WAGON: Webcomic Battle and how is it played?

THAT is a long question to answer, but here’s the general idea…

The World Alliance of Geeks Online Network (W.A.G.O.N.) was established as an organization that supports independent creative websites across the internet. WAGON Webcomic Battle is a collectable cardgame created to help promote and support the content of webcomics in particular, though we do have a few cards that have come in from other sources of Geekdom.

Using creator-submitted artwork we create cards that translate the essence of a comic’s characters and plot elements into a form that can interact with the cards from other webcomics on the battlefield. This fight of course isn’t just for the fighters… sword-wielding psychos, mad scientists, and even angry videogame playing geeks can all contribute to the battle in their own unique ways. I dare say there ISN’T a comic that we couldn’t somehow integrate into the game system.


The WAGON Webcomic Battle Delta Deck Presale

If you haven’t heard of the WAGON Webcomic Battle then I feel it’s my duty to tell you how AWESOME it is.   It’s a card game a bit like Magic or Munchkin only cooler because it uses characters and plot devices from webcomics.  Sadly these do not include Epic Fail but I’m sure, given time, they will correct that oversight.  In the meantime they are taking Pre-Sale orders for their new Delta Deck.