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The Drunken Fools Interview – Part 2

The Drunken Fools interview with Antoine Gagnon continues…

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Q6: Do you think ‘The Drunken Fools’ encourages or discourages excessive drinking and alcoholism?

A6: Neither of them. The target audience is obviously adults and I believe each one of us has to make their own minds in life.

Q7: Parlez-vous français? What’s it like having a bilingual webcomic and why isn’t it in other languages?

A7: That’s a great question (the 2nd part I mean) 😛

Oui je parle Français. French is my primary language. I actually speak 3 languages: French, English and Drunk… ok, just kidding for the 3rd one 😛

Having a bilingual comic is actually a pain in the neck at times. You can’t simply translate a script from one language to another, you have to adapt it. There are jokes, expressions, sentences that are very hard to translate/adapt due to the context on the story. And this adds more workload: need to write a script in both language and need to letter two pages instead of one (well, 2 separate Layers since I am lettering with a Digital Font) but still a lot of work.

The perfect example I always used is in the Movie “Airplane” where Lloyd Bridges says ” The shit will hit the fan” then, there’s a fan in a background receiving a nice poop… Well, that expression doesn’t exist in french and the first time I saw the movie (as a kid) they literally translated that in french word to word…. didn’t make sense at all! At least, seeing shit hitting a fan was funny as hell (poop jokes rule)!

And even sometimes it gets harder as some text is part of the art (like a Bar’s name, Company Name, Gas station, etc…). I have to be very careful in writing to avoid these as much as possible in order to avoid adding extra work for me.

And please Any Translation Tools on the internet are NO GOOD for full sentences, so please stop thinking you (you as everyone reading this) are so cool by sending french sentences that have been translated through an online tool! 😛

And finally why isn’t there other languages for my comic? Well, I don’t speak any other language!

Q8: If I wanted to draw like you how would I go about it?

A8: Why in hell someone would like to draw like me?

Well, if you are that desperate, I do have a drawing process and part of it is being extremely lazy. So lazy that that I don’t want to write about it BUT, you can read the entire process here:

Q9: What’s your involvement with the ‘Webcomic Alliance’?

A9: SHHHHHH! Don’t mention them too loud, keep your voice down! I believe they are part of the Warriors mounted on Electrical Zippers I mentioned earlier!!! They have inserted probe in my brain (an somewhere else I think) and I don’t know what they want with me.

[Translation: I’m one of the five founding members of the Webcomic Alliance and still part of it (I can’t believe they kept me that long). The Alliance is the best thing that happened to me as far as learning about comics (creating, writing, business, etc… The Webcomic Alliance is there to help the Webcomic creators, new and old, in any aspect of it. We are the proof you don’t need to be an extremely successful webcomic creator to provide tips, tutorials and good content to the world

The Webcomic Alliance is also the living proof that you can make real life friends on the internet! And we are bringing more COWBell to the world!]

Q10: You’ve moved from the world of Webcomics to that of Small Press (publishing your own ‘Drunken Fools Book). How does a comic in the ‘real world’ compare to one on the net?

A10: That’s actually very hard to answer. It’s two different world, different ball game, a beer and a scotch.

I did put my first 5 Chapters in a book (available here (shameless plug) : last year in order to provide the comic to people outside the webcomic world and mainly because 2011 was a year of Convention Experiment (EPIC FAIL!!) for me. But let’s put that aside, shall we? 😛

But on the other hand, I’m wondering when we will start considering the internet as being part of the “real world”? Even when publishing a book, the Internet is the best medium today to spread the word about it, to market it. Amazon is the perfect example, who reading this interview right now never used Amazon? Today, in 2012, a book is part of the digital world now, the Real World IMO. So it is easy for webcomic creators to publish a book nowadays (just a LOT of work) 😛

I don’t think I really answer that question, but it is so hard to answer in only a few lines.

Q11: Okay this is the last question and it isn’t really a question. This is open mic – Your chance to say anything else you want to say about ‘The Drunken Fools’.

A11: You know how some people tend to buy a motorcycle or a sport car when reaching the mid-life crisis? Well, my mid-life crisis made me buy pens, pencils, art supplies, etc… and I decided I wanted to learn how to draw. It’s funny how I take my book and tell people: This is my mid-life crisis! They would usually say, on the story you mean? And I would answer, no, drawing is my mid-life crisis!

So, The Drunken Fools are my mid-life crisis! It could have been a totally different story/world/characters. But as I mentioned when I first started this interview: We always write about what we know best!


[Translation: Beware of the Warriors Mounted on Electrical Zippers, they are mean and ugly! ]

Thankyou for the interview Antoine and good luck with The Drunken Fools especially it’s new direction: Drunken Heroes.

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