Pg 79: God Questions

This week in Epic Fail: Yoru is very interested when Tinuvielle reveals Amuletts met a God. He goes to Martin to find out more.

Creator’s Commentary: Is it me or is Yoru a little taller..?

Upcoming pages are going to be crazy, because Martin has a crazy story to tell. Well it has Loki in it, God of Chaos, so what did you expect?

Yep, deviating from the ‘Main Plot’ again. That’s just something I tease you with 😉

Sorry about the lazy background.

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I have actually never drawn your character before. Forgive me if she looks nothing like you imagined. It’s nice to give a nod to the original crew if only in flashback form.

I always imagined her as being fairly plain, slightly stocky, short hair – meant as a reality of what a female warrior would look like rather than the typical glamourous types with floaty hair (gets in the way when you’re fighting). Probably a bit like Lindie Englund of Abu-Ghraib prisoner penis-mocking infamy, actually!

Sssoooooo this makes it sound as if character Amuletts is a “special needs”-adventurer. *coughs uncomfortably*

To answer your question I’m trying to get my earnings high enough to buy a house, so I’m taking every paid gig I can get. It depresses me, because I’d rather be doing this, but I’m sick of having no control over the place I live. In rentals I’m pretty much having to move every 6 months.

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